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Red face

First off, I would like to say that I am not sure this thread belongs here, but I couldn't really think of a better spot to ask.

I am tired of the old Eve of Destruction codebases sorta going down the drain.  I personally loved the original and I'm looking for someone who knows where a good one that still works.  That is, somewhere I can play.  I played the original until it sorta faded away and I have recently just stopped playing Godwars Oxide due to the fact of the down times.

I actually want to try and download the codebase and start one up myself, but have been unsuccessful.  I have plenty of experience as a builder and enforcer and I think it is time to try admin once more.  I have tried before, but couldn't find a coder that would stick with me.  I have gone so far as to join a local community college and learn up on C programming.  To get a small idea how it works, that way I can at least get one up and work my way around shell.

The only real problem I now have is someplace that will host this MUD.  I would host it myself, but was told that my computer has to be changed to lynux.  I am pretty sure that 120 GB of memory is enough isn't it?  Anyhows, if someone can direct me to a place where they will host my MUD and a place where I can download the codebase for the original EoD with Marcus and Darrens and whatnot.  I am more than willing to pay for the hosting, of course.  But not sure if I should go through someone like or someone else?

Thank you for taking the time to read this thread and I await any responses.  Feel free to email me at as well.
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Wolfpaw has always struck me as being overpriced. You should look into other hosting services. I've been really happy with Dreamhost, although I'm not hosting a MUD on it.

As for Linux, it would probably make your life easier. Check out Ubuntu Linux. It's really easy to use and install. You can repartition your hard drive using software such as Partition Magic so you don't have to lose any of your Windows files (or your Windows installation). Find a friend who runs Linux to help you out. In any case, make sure you backup your data.

Can't help you with EoD though. Some googling will turn it up I'm sure.
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