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guys, what's with you? this post was to see what kind of enviroment do you like in a MUD and gave a few choices for you to vote for what your personal view felt most accordingly , not to see a close to flamewar discussion about what is roleplay, mocking RP communities in H&S environments and making fun of lil' grammar mistakes for what I see, the definition of roleplay is very subjective to the one who sees it, so why bother?
Very preocupated:
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Personally, I go for H&S/RP in multiplayer games. I'd get very tired of roleplaying all the time- heck, I spend enough time in the Storytelling forums- and after a while hack & slash becomes mindnumbingly monotonous. Like Dungeon Siege, for example- click on enemy, press H key about 50 times, collect look, click on enemy, press H key about 50 times, collect loot, click on enemy.... etc

But it's good to have a nice mix.

The label "RolePlaying Game" gets thrown about like mad these days. Dungeon Siege got it, and the closest you get to roleplaying in that is the odd quest. It's generally decided that if it involves swords, leather armor and fireballs, it's an RPG. They should start labelling games as Hack & Slash too.

[EDIT: I've never had much experience of PK, so I wouldn't know what it's like. I hate the idea of it though. I'm all for everyone fighting alongside everyone else, and settling arguments over drinking contests.]

(P.S. Cut the flames. If you wanna argue with people, go start a football riot.)
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