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Old 11-05-2003, 07:18 AM   #21
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Originally Posted by (Deathwing @ Oct. 28 2003,18:03)
Do you realize how incredibly arrogant that sounds? You would do well to remember that, without players, your creations would be empty, quiet, and pretty much useless. The "Mud Community" is both groups, not just players or administrators.
With all due respect, the part of the larger mud community which is really impacted by license and IP issues aren't really the players, but those who code and build. As a MUD staffer, it ought to be my role to ensure that you, the player, are never impacted by such issues.

A player's opinion is valuable at all times, but they don't have any real stake in such legal issues, apart from the (really remote) risk that their favorite MUD might suddenly disappear...
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Don't let the door hitcha where the good Lord splitcha.

And as many other posters have enumerated in much more eloquent terms: you were never a victim. You dug your own hole. When you act like a donkey, you'll be treated like one. Insert other terse, but slightly scathing truisms here.
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Well its real simple far as I can see.  The MUD community is an underground kinda thing that law doesn't really recognize and there isn't any real authority here.  Its just a small corner.  So I think it needs its own union, with some clout.

A governing body should be set up - a team of big cheeses like, uh, Kavir and Logos, Kyndig, whoever.  The diku team and Russ Taylor would be on it, etc.  This organisation would basically be a pressure group.  All it needs is for people (players and mud owners) to join this mud union to allow themselves to be represented by the speakers.  In return, the participating sites get free exposure on this things main site, an official certificate of endorsal on their own site, and the little guys help with promoting, snippet archives, etc, same things that draw web admins and players over to other sites.  I love my sites kyndig seal of approval and this would be far better for me.

The key to this is that all it takes is for the team to demand some say in the content of 1) big sites like mudconnector, topmudsites, mudworld, and 2) little sites like my page, your page, so that we ourselves can force the cheating gits out into the cold.  This thing would grow pretty big, and it'd suck to lose your approval, because 99% (made up statistic) of the mud audience would notice this site popping up and take it seriously.  It just needs an official URL like or whatever.

I dont really have time to go further with this proposal so I wish you all the best with it if you try to use it and if you ever do set such a thing up I'll be happily joining.  Its back to homework for me now..
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Old 11-05-2003, 03:49 PM   #24
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Heh, good luck with that... most likely if such a heroic task were actually to get out of the planning stages, it would dissolve in a mire of bickering and arrogance.

I think there's enough flamers on the boards related to MUDs as it is without creating an exclusionary society on top of that.
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Old 11-06-2003, 02:57 PM   #25
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The only problem with such an idea is that nothing would happen because of it, most players come to a mud from word of mouth, and from logging in and seeing that other people are there.

TMC already has auditors who make sure listed muds are following the license, I KNOW they are doing their job (... goes hunting for the builder than changed his greet help file).

A mailing list was set up a while ago (About the time TMS started on it's second forums ... maybe 3+ years ago?) but it died out, we were discussing muds like this, I brought up Aardwolf then, and rt did indeed respond to it with his thoughts.   But, nothing noteworthy happened from this.  And the simple sad fact is that the greater whole of all mudders are the non-coding/non-building/non-adminning, players.  About 99% of players are loyal to thier mud ABOVE ALL ELSE, they will usually not care, and fight that it's ok because thier mud is better than ours and we are just jealous.  For proof, just find a place that still archives USENET (Google Groups maybe?) and look through for the Med threads, and read their players responses, they can't be reasoned with at all.

And like I said, it wouldn't change anything, Med hasn't been listed or advertised anywhere (except some in Kyndig's site I think) in the last few years, and Aard never listed or advertised until now.  Unfortunatly if we organize ourselves into a group and say "bad", it's no different then the unorganized mass of us saying "bad".  Aside from getting aid from every single service provider around, the only other way to really change anything is for a legal action to take place.   I'm not sure which is more unlikely to happen, I don't think we ever managed to convince FAST.NET of anything, even with the evidence at the time.
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