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I hope I'm putting this in the right place. If not, someone please move it.

There are tons of muds out there with some very creative and unique storylines and areas. Do you have one that has a unique "global enemy?" What I mean by that is many stories have 'bad guys' that are unique to their world. For example, draconians were created to be a very unique 'bad guy' for the Dragonlance novels. They were an abomination created by taking good dragon eggs and warping them with evil magic.

Does anyone have something like that for their mud's theme? How did you come up with it, and what makes them so 'bad'?
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I love when games create their own unique races or types of bad guys for their game world. While I do enjoy the traditional medieval/fantasy bad guys (orcs, minotaurs, dragons, etc.) mixing in an entire culture of unique bad guys adds a lot of spice to a game world.
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Avendar has a unique nasty race which helps to provide much of the game-world conflict, directly and indirectly.

Called "shuddeni", they are eyeless, stick-thin, wrinkle-skinned humanoids who dwell underground. Naturally devious and diabolical, they have enslaved and become dependant upon another underground-dwelling race, the strong-but-stupid chaja.

Their culture is extremely dark and twisted, focusing on the slaving trade and sacrificing to demonic lords and evil deities.
Strong in demonic void and destructive fire magics, shuddeni have caused huge devastation in aggressive wars against the surface dwellers. Individual shuddeni are tolerated on the surface (barely), but not in all places, in the current world environment.

The race concept has led to some interesting areas. Aside from the shuddeni tunnels, underground city, and temple, there is an area consisting of a human fortress built to guard "The Breach", where the tunnels reach the surface.

The dynamics of playing a shuddeni PC are atypical. As you might imagine, relationships tend to be based on mutual mistrust and constant manipulation.
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