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A few of the most recent changes to The Crimson Marches:

- By popular demand: a deeper, second level to the COUGH*newbie*COUGH dungeon, where more of the most vile and hated creatures from across the land have been captured and are held in weakened state to provide rudimentary challenges to beginning adventurers before they set out to explore on their own.

- Some pick-up mercenaries at the local tavern who would likely sell their own mother for a drink, and willing to accompany adventurers for a few gold coins (best for beginning magic users and thieves).

- Lost your corpse again? We keep telling people DON'T TEASE THE RAGING MINOTAUR, but Noooo... do they listen? Then again, if you are the type who can't resist touching surfaces labelled 'wet paint' to find out if its really true, then you will be happy to learn that a very close relative of Samson's undertaker has recently set up shop just across from the town healer north of the fountain. This undertaker specializes in retrieving corpses for a mere 20 gp per level - a PRICELESS deal when you no longer have any favor...

- The puzzle-rich Gorgophone Mountains, a stronghold built originally during the Age of Dwarven Kings, presently occupied by diabolical witchmen servants of the Lich Lord - towards what evil purpose have they bent that once legendary place? Is it too late to stop their evil plans?

- Gerolf's Isle. The victorian-styled, genteel vampyre has raised up an island in the northern part of his Garden to entertain his prey... er, guests, and there have been many reports of unwary travellers rushing headlong into it only to find their bodies dashed in a bloody heap at the base of a cliff. However, there are few who tell of a great observatory seemingly built to observe the heavens but which in reality contain something far more sinister...

Come experience the difference which our award-winning writers have wrought.
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