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From the desk of Bahamut@Chiaroscuro ( 2003):

There's really nothing else to call it but an EXPANSION PACK because this is EPIC. It rocks so hard it killed a man. This is the culmination of a MONTH of work! I'm not talking about an hour or two every week, either. I'm talking about SOLID BACK TO BACK HOURS every day. I'm going to try and keep this to the point, so...


* 96 New Items (see following BB post)
* 2 New Playable Races: The Wildlanders and the Syladris
* A New 126+ Room Realm: The Wildlands
* 126+ New Room Descriptions.
* New Halaghi Area: Southlookery Outpost (in the northeast)
* New Wildlander Area: Crown's Refuge (in the northwest)
* The Jadesnake River: Fastheld to Crown's Refuge and beyond!
* New RarGen area: Wildlands
* 4 New Racial Quirks
* 11 New Gifts/Quirks/Faults (in total)
* Knights

It doesn't sound like much in a brief bullet-list, but it is! I can assure you, it really, really, really, really, really, really, really is. Now some of the rooms in the Wildlands *ARE* lacking a description, but this is mostly relegated to the Jadesnake River rooms and Stillwater Lake. Everything else is @described and polished to a shine.

MAJOR KUDOS is extended to Rowena, Kael, and Taran for helping me out with descriptions. Some more KUDOS is extended to Temple, who has written up some new skills (that haven't been added yet) and a few descriptions here and there.

I think I can leave it at that without going into vast amounts of detail and elaboration. You can +sinfo Gifts and such to track down the new quirks. I'll be adding the racial (Scale perks to people later.

What I will say is that the Wildlands is - true to something that Norran once mentioned a few months ago - Horse Country. Each room has a +travel direction of North, South, East, and West (it's a 14x9 grid) with a travel time of 20 minutes via +walk.

To put that in context, it'd take you about four and half hours to +walk from the Aegis to the Dragonspine Mountains in the north. There *are* variations, however, in that it takes 25 minutes to +walk uphill, and 15 minutes to +walk downhill.

Of course, if you find someone to sail you between Fastheld and Crown's Refuge (when the river is finally linked up, which it currently is not)] you can get between those two points pretty fast. It should also be noted that while the Imperials of Fastheld will (eventually! be able to leave and enter Fastheld when they like, the Wildlanders and the Syladris *will not* be able to enter Fastheld.

There are also things in the Wildlands that don't exist in Fastheld (like Argentite), and vice-versa. This should, *hopefully*, lead to interesting trade RP in the future between Fastheld and Crown's Refuge.
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Posts: 1,599
Brody will become famous soon enoughBrody will become famous soon enough
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Here's all the new junk that was just added, in no particular order. Some have ASCII art in the descriptions! (Check out +consider Blood Guard Tower Shield, for example!

* Wild Star Ale
* Drakesfire Tea
* Drakesfire Leaf
* Wild Star Leaf
* Wild Star Root
* Violarium Ore
* Argentite Ore
* Violarium Mine
* Argentite Mine
* Round Shield
* Violarium Ore Deposit
* Argentite Ore Deposit
* Blood Guard Tower Shield
* Sharpeye Blossom Patch
* Drakesfire Patch
* Snakeroot Patch
* Wild Star Patch
* Nightshade Patch
* Arrowhead Patch
* Mulberry-Tail Patch
* Coldwood Forest
* Coldwood Logs
* Argentite Spear
* Argentite Chainmail Armor
* Argentite Scalemail Armor
* Argentite Ringmail Armor
* Argentite Arbalest
* Argentite Handaxe
* Argentite Longsword
* Argentite Banded-Mail Armor
* Argentit Full-Plate Armor
* Argentite Spiked Club
* Argentite Waraxe
* Argentite Shiv
* Argentite Greataxe
* Argentite Scimitar
* Argentite Warmace
* Argentite Flanged Mace
* Argentite Stiletto
* Argentite Glaive
* Argentite Shortsword
* Argentite Greatsword
* Argentite Morningstar Flail
* Argentite Warhammer
* Argentite Katar
* Argentite Claymore
* Argentite Staff
* Argentite Kukri
* Argentite Dirk
* Argentite Gothic Axe
* Argentite Battleaxe
* Argentite Quarterstaff
* Argentite Parrying Knife
* Argentite Half-Pike
* Argentite Rapier
* Argentite Scythe
* Argentite Sabre
* Argentite Hand Crossbow
* Argentite Dagger
* Argentite Bardiche
* Argentite Crossbow
* Argentite Halberd
* Argentite Sabatons
* Argentite Bearded Axe
* Argentite Half-Plate Armor
* Magenta Velvet Halterneck
* Silver Velvet Halterneck
* Golden Velvet Halterneck
* Amber Velvet Halterneck
* Ruby Velvet Halterneck
* Scarlet Velvet Halterneck
* Azure Velvet Halterneck
* Sapphire Velvet Halterneck
* Obsidian Velvet Halterneck
* Jade Velvet Halterneck
* Emerald Velvet Halterneck
* Emerald Velvet Sarong
* Jade Velvet Sarong
* Obsidian Velvet Sarong
* Sapphire Velvet Sarong
* Azure Velvet Sarong
* Scarlet Velvet Sarong
* Ruby Velvet Sarong
* Amber Velvet Sarong
* Golden Velvet Sarong
* Silver Velvet Sarong
* Magenta Velvet Sarong
* Emerald Padded Vest
* Jade Padded Vest
* Sapphire Padded Vest
* Azure Padded Vest
* Scarlet Padded Vest
* Ruby Padded Vest
* Amber Padded Vest
* Golden Padded Vest
* Silver Padded Vest
* Magenta Padded Vest
* Obsidian Padded Vest
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