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I'm seeking a new MUD to play. The one I used to play, I did enjoy alot but I'm looking for a great one to replace my former one.

What I'm looking for now is a roleplay-encouraged or roleplay-enforced MUD with alot of races. I'd like somewhere with different races, not the everyday races such as elves and such. Things like mindflayers, Phoenizes, Gargoyles and things would be good. Classes do not bother me, aslong as there are magical classes I will be happy.

I'd like for the MUD to have a decent playerbase and also a friendly one. A great newbie system would absolutely rock and an easy to use interface would also be peachy.

One of the main thing is friendly Immortals, and fair ones. I'd like a MUd with very friendly immortals, and ones who dont cheat for other characters.

Basically just be cool and friendly and I'll give your MUD a try.

I'd like a decent description required, aswell as a decent amount of skills.

Give me an IM(AIM) at: earthdagger1
Email me at:
if you think your MUD is for me, as I will not check this post again.
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Accursed-Lands would be perfect for you.  The theme has been construed into authentic elements which enroll an immersive roleplaying experience.

The races currently available are human, goblin, mysrrae, braman and aquapurae.

Detailed nformation on the races can be found:

Please excuse the lack of information which has been implied, yet unlinked for some areas dealing with the game but there are plenty of helpfiles within the game itself that should cover just about any question or topic you have inquiry with.

We also have a built-in dictionary for your convenience, over 450 skills and measures built against power-gaming.

For a summarized version of the history of the game, check out our timeline:

I hope that adequately covers it.

Connect info:
PORT:  8888
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