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The Vorpal Tribble
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History of the world:

The world was once whole. It was like most worlds. Variety of terrains. Mountains. Oceans. Forest. It was a bit tougher thought perhaps. Maybe a little colder in winter, little warmer in the summer. Animals and those that had risen to sentience had to be a little tougher, a bit more resilient, adaptible. It was a hard life, but not so much overly so.
Those who had risen to thought, or those that were risen as a result of the odd powers wielded by their masters, led their lives. However, not all saw the same way, or even with same sort of organs, as the others, and did not agree with their philosophies.

The Rowans, a people created accidently by a kindly folk that dabbled in alchemy. From a vegetative beginning to a life of sentience with their roots upon the earth, and not mingled within, they were sent off to form their own way of life, their own and unique fate. They did, and they grew powerful, in numbers, knowledge, and art. This art they wove using the forces of the world, and many feared them....

The Kisiici were not made, and they were far older than the rowans. This did not keep them from fearing the ones one the surface however. These arachnid-like folk lived far, far below, within grand caverns. No light visited there, though they could see just the same, with eyes not intended to receive photons. Milti-faceted in sight and minds, they thought in patterns of chaos logic and fractal. They did not appreciate the Rowans attitude, thoughts and way of life, living off the sunlight.

They both were deeply learned in the way of the ways of magic, though each used it in their unique ways. They used their magic to blend or mutate creatures and they formed armies that could go into the opposing terrains that they themselves could not. The armies fought and each would gain and lose, win and defeat, with no discernable advantage on either side. So each side pooled their resources, put and out and out effort to destroy the other. However, what they didn't know was that a third people that lived in the rolling brine of the ocean were watching, and thought they might could have some amusement out of disrupting both, seeign what they could do.

The result was that an explosion of the forces rocked through the land. Continents were split, and some shattered. Great waves flooded the land and mountains were thrown up. Vast numbers of animal, plant and sentient died, no matter if they lived on land, sea or beneath it all. The planet itself may have even altered in its orbit from the result. During the explosion magic itself had something new enter into it, or merely mutated. A randomness. A kind of chaotic, cancerous, uncontrolled equation. It soaked into the world. Things... changed. Nothing, not even nature, worked quite as it did. The laws were stretched, knotted, distorted. What did survive was forced to adapt or die, mutate or perish, learn to live with chaos or be eradicated by it.

It has now been nearly three hundred years since this occured, and yet all still are struggling, building, learning to fit their proverbial squares into the circular hole. To live is one of the highest goals one can set. To thrive, a near miracle.

History of the game itself:

Accursed Lands was started around 1995, an offshoot from it's parent MUD. As a child soon grows up and leaves, so did AL. Hugged, shed a few tears, shook hands, and took up its suitcase. The creators that came to start this had a vision to combine the best the original had to offer with new ideas, code and inspiration. It has grown in leaps and bounds and has become something I think the Papa would be proud of.
The MUD universe's equivalent of 'Thats ma boy!'.

Honorable Mentions:

AL is based on realism. This can be quite annoying to many. Its not for everyone by a long shot. To light a torch or boil some water you'll have to buy a fire starter's kit or aquire the basic spark makers some ways. You'll also have to find dry grass, or unmoist pine needles to help get it started. This can be time consuming and agravating as it fizzles out, but there are few greater joys than seeing it catch, specially if strange things lurk in the dark. Unless you have natural coverings, or thick hides, you will most likely have to clothe yourself heavily during times of the year. You axe may dull from months of chopping lumber, or your sword and armor dented from a fierce battle. Eventually you'll be required to repair it or it will fall apart from misuse. If mining, you may pull the roof down on your head if not careful or supporting the tunnel. Its all up to you.

We have no elves. We have no hobbits (or, yes, halflings). We do not even have dwarves. AL prides itself on its originality with its races. Some may say however, well, you DO have goblins though. You DO have gargoyles. And humans.
Admittedly, these names are not wholey original, but the background, personality, philosphy, and indeed, even physically, they are copied from nothing. For example: goblins are not evil, war making brutes. They are unpleasant, bad tempered, sullen and can be bribed with large denominations, yes, but so is your boss. Don't deny it!
But of the 13 races, only these three would have any ties to conventional mythology.

We have no hit pool, XP or swords of impaling +9. You have a health and weight stat. Depending on this you may be able to take a sword through the side and live to tell about it, or get a deadly infection from the nick of a razor blade. If your arm takes too much damage, it is crippled. Too much damage and it has no more meat to continue to keep it attached. Whatever was held in that hand falls as well. Leg cripples or is lost, you fall to the ground. Get hit too hard, you lose consciousness. Heavily damage your body or lose your head, RIP.

We are role-play mandatory. No botting, no triggering, no communicating via AIM or ICQ. You act as your race and character would, and treat it right.

Non-animal NPC's are people to. At least to your character. Sure, they may run out of things to say after a few conversations or annoy you with their little mannerisms, but they are still living sentients and treated as such. And if you show them lip, you may have them chase you out of town with a staff or dagger. And that little urchin tugging on your shirt.... better watch your purse.

Much more, but this is already getting long.

Things soon to come!
A realistic cooking ability. Bake your cake and eat it to.
Building, from tiny leantoos to vast empires (both onland, and underwater).
The ability to plant orchards or fields of barley.
Producing alcoholic beverages (perhaps with your own barley).
Blood loss and first aid skills to accompany it.

Much more...

If this does not appeal to you, I wish you good luck on finding your home mud. But if all this sounds enticing, I eagerly encourage you to stop by and see the land. You'll have nothing to fear. Accept the deer during rutting season. *shudder*

Port: 8000 and 8888
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