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For a limited time (approx 2-3 months), the halfling clan will be available for play by application only. What this means is that I'm taking a small number of players who I trust and think will have a good time with the role and letting them test out the rewritten version of the clan and its area.

The halfling clan is a clan of highly spiritual forest dwellers with no concept of ownership. Despite this, there should be some action with huntings as well as chasing off interlopers in the forest.  

If you're interested in running a halfling, write up an application that includes:

short desc
main description
background that involves the character's goals
Anything else you think I should consider when looking at your application

Send apps to I will select a small number (6-8) and let them know by Sunday, June 13. I would dearly love to take a larger number, but we're going to try this to start with. I know it's not the fairest way to do it.

Take the following into account in writing your app:

The halflings have recently retreated further into the forest. While you may see other races, these will only be on rare occasions. For the most part, the clan exists as a chance to let you try a different culture.

To maintain a consistent look and feel to the halflings, please follow these guidelines when creating halfling characters. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

Halflings can be rangers, warriors or merchants (crafters). Vivaduans and Rukkians are possible, but in order to keep these roles proportionate with the rest of the tribe, need to be cleared beforehand.

Valid subguilds are: acrobat, archer, armormaker, forester, general crafter, guard, hunter, jeweler, physician, scavenger, stonecrafter, thief, and weaponscrafter.

Use simple names that do not have meanings or fictional counterparts. The names Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, or Bilbo are right out. Look at the personalities page to get an idea of acceptable names.

Like all PC descriptions, halfling descriptions should be at least four full lines, free of typos, and not impose interpretation on the viewer.
Unlike regular PC descriptions, sdescs should start with "a" or "an" in order to make PCs feel like part of the overall tribe.

Avoid using uncommon words in sdescs, such as "maiden", "lass", "urchin", "scallywag", "hedge-trimmer", etc. The preferred form is "a/an (adjective) halfling". If you feel it is necessary to include your gender in the sdesc, indicate it with "female" or "male".

Do not refer to concepts or creatures that don't belong in the Grey Forest. For example, "a mouth full of enough teeth to scare the meanest templar" would be out of place and jarring.

Halflings start as full adults.

Do not describe tattoos in the main description. A halfling tattoo artist with a repertoire of halfling-themed tattoos exists in-game and is free to use. Similarly, warpaint is available in the game and should be left out of the description.

If you've got questions, please feel free to drop me an email or post on the Armageddon Discussion board
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Too bad I canna apply, myself.

Glad to see those Im heads at Arm are always churning and tossing out new things for us to enjoy.
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