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The Hyborian Lands MUD: DARK SHADOWS in ZAMORA

Seeking a larger playerbase!

- a simulation of Howard's Hyboria (famous for Conan)
 Zamora is an ancient nation of spider-haunted mystery

- modified SMAUG (a few yrs in development)
 -our game mechanics are much different than most SMAUG muds.

- Evil/Good class-based PKILL/Adventure

- 4-Sided PKILL War (designed to be violent and bloody)
- When we get the players we will open race/clan PKILL.

- Classes: Wizard, Sorcerer, Healer, Warrior, Thief, Vampire, Were-men

- Races: Cimmerians, Stygians, Vanir, Aesir, Aquilonians..etc (15+)

- Huge, all-original cities, strange, unexplored country - all
 strategically designed for PKILL, and heavy with doom-and-gloom
 atmosphere. In fact, -there is not one stock zone- in the game.

- Tons of secrets, puzzles, in-game quests and hidden areas to find
 and explore. Most of it has never been discovered.

- Hundreds of items and eq

- Sell furs for cash, or behead criminals and collect rewards

- A ranking system for highest levels and PKILLers (Top 10)

- Although we lean towards hack&slash and PKILL, we highly
 encourage ROLEPLAY (the game makes you want to)

- Enhanced mob A.I.

- Continual Development in all areas of the game

- No cutesy B.S. here! We strive to create intense gameplay
 action in a world of grim slayers and ruthless powerseekers.

- In the last couple of months we have worked hard to make the
 game much more newbie friendly by adding a NEWBIE flag that
 players can choose at startup which gives them helpful info
 as they play. We have added expanded helpfile options, and
 newbies can also opt (optionally/configurable) to be protected
 from PKILL (with the NEWBIE flag, at least until level 6).

- Zamora is rich in adventure! Explore dangerous mountainous
 territory, lost cities and ruins occupied (and guarded) only
 by the dead, expansive cities and rat-infested sewer systems
 you can get lost in, vast subterranean levels guaranteed
 to get your heart pumping... and much more!

Try us today!
The Hyborian Lands MUD: DARK SHADOWS in ZAMORA 6666
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