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Old 07-21-2002, 09:50 PM   #1
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This depends on how many responses I get of people wishing to have a mud to build on. Not one that requires them to built a certain type of thing but just allows you to build whatever you want.

This is what i'm willing to do, and yes, there is kinda a creative fee to it. I will put up a mud, using quickmud. Rom2.4b6 with OLC 1.81 and Lopes Color. I will allow ANYONE that wants to build ANY kind of area they would like ot (even if it's teaching yourself how to build. Getting familiar with the commands, etc. You'll get 100-1000 vnums to start with, and the freedom to build whatever you want. I'd be willing to do some MINOR coding to it to allow other OLC commands as the builder might. I will not do any other coding on it, it will simply run to be built on.

If I get atleast 10 people that would like to do this, i will open it up. The "creative fee" is this... 20 sentences of generic forest descriptions that meet basic building guildlines (no using the word you or saying how someone is viewing it (your boots are wet, walking through here..).

I will also support a website, if you wish to release the area to the community when you are done (fully open source).

If you are interested in this or would like more information, feel free to e-mail me any questions at

NOTE: NONE of these area's are for me personally, none of them will run on my personal mud as it's modified area format, etc. This is not for me other than getting a few sentences for an auto area generator i'm making, and maybe being able to get a few experienced builders out there. I'm also willing to give more mud power for people that would be "head builders" that help the other builders out from time to time.
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Old 07-22-2002, 04:15 AM   #2
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This post to me is actually an advertisement for new builders and probably would best serve all in the proper forum. I hesitated to move though because of the interesting content I think may generate some interesting responses.

Most I think that post in this forum are well qualified and established builders so not interested, but the thing that caught my eye is the intent to create an auto-text room generator from the efforts of the builders that get involved. Hmm, would auto-text generators help or hinder builders? Would we be designing ourselves out of job or hobby? Could an auto-text generator ever really duplicate flavor or style or flair for writing and paint a true picture?

Thoughts anyone?
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Old 07-22-2002, 01:58 PM   #3
Join Date: May 2002
Posts: 34
Muerte is on a distinguished road
I knew someone would not be sure of things, as one of the replies I got asked if me to host thier mud.

1) The builder doesn't work for me or my mud, nor would they be asked to, they have the option of applying like normal.

2) The 20 sentences to me for are a small price to be able to build because you want to or because you want to try to learn the basics without restriction.

3) No the autogenerated won't put any builder out of a job. But for the mud I'm doing, no one is gonna build me a 10,000 room forest, nor would I ever ask a builder to. It is to build such a vast generic area without the pains of manual building.

4) I don't consider it an advertisement to new builders because they won't be building for anyone but themselves. Say a builder is working with a mud on and area buy wants to also build one they have in mind that they think would be good. Most MUDS will say "when you're done with what youre doing, then you can try to build that" or "we'll see". This takes that away, they can come and build without worry of restriction or waiting.

Feel free to ask anymore questions, and thank you for not moving this to another board. I hope this brings more understanding and more get interested in the idea.
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