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Here are some things we offer, you might like the place, you might not, but give it a go.. you never know what can happen.
 Grouping - When grouping you can either defend or not. The damage is taken randomly through your group. Also we have stances that give you +/- to stats while fighting.
 Crafting System - we have Professions. You can pick which one you want to be, and the higher your skill the more you can do. Professions are : Armour, Weaponsmith, Brewer, Scholar, Merchant and Diplomat.
 PK - its RP enforced. Its open PK, but we believe that most people that play are mature enough to not overkill. We havent had any problems thus far, and thats great.
 Code base - is a VERY EXTREMELY MODIFIED ROM. The code has practually been re-written.
 Active Staff - VERY Active   You also can choose whom you wish to worship, if you wish to worship. All ideas are read and considered, and most have been Imped.
 Classes - we have a classless system. What I mean by that is. Every person picks the order they want their class. When you 'Gain Exp' it pools then you decide which class you want to gain a level in. The function of classes are based on the order you pick them, so someone that has a Cleric as their 1st class, will be more powerful at healing then someone that has Cleric as their 3 class. Ect..
 We do have some stock areas still, most have been removed. We have tried to upgrade such areas that we kept, and continue to do so. We also have alot of our own areas, and new ones added all the time. Our builders arent lazy  
 Exp Gain - You can gain exp by the things you do, the damage you cause to a mob, the spells you cast, the skills you use, and what you do as a professional.
 Clans - are fully made and run by the mortals, so if you dont like them, make one of your own   Clans can gain special items.. from clan halls, weapon, eq, pets.. ect.
 Banks -we have a banking system, that lets you store you money.
 Quests - we have live, Immortal run quests. Also, certain areas have hidden quests in them, to give gold, token, special objs.
 We have an extended Race system.
 Learnable Languages - We have Race geared Languages, so unless a dwarf has practiced their Elvish, they wont be able to understand your conversation if speaking in Elvish
 Equipment - our eq is based on your race & level and somtimes even your stats. So you most likely wont see a giant wearing leggins made for a pixie. Also we have Random stats on eq! It has the D2 feel! One day a sword might be +5 hit/dam and next time you get it.. +6 hit/+4 dam making it hard for you to get the same exact piece often.
 There are New things are added all the time! Most things are ideas from our players! Its their mud we just keep it running!
 Only thing left.. is our address.. Although there is prolly much more to tell, but hey.. why not come and find it out by playing and bringing your friends!
  Beyond the Shadows PORT 3000

- Haley
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