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Old 07-29-2004, 05:34 PM   #1
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Lace of Ages, a Wheel of Time oriented MUD, is once again seeking area builders to work for us!  Here is just a brief listing of some of the features we currently have:

For all:
* A friendly staff that welcomes new players if we're on when you login, and emails the ones that we miss

For the builders:
* OLC: using Ivan's OLC 2 code, fully translated (even the function names and variables, *phew*)...
* Auto-functions: Make setting stats on armor, weapons, and mobiles a snap and helps to standardize everything throughout the MUD to a formula that can be modified as needed once we begin testing...
* Custom ASCII mapper: Written by yours truly, it's beautifully output, and makes laying out areas lightning fast...

For the players:
* A *ton* of things already installed, including (but certainly not limited to): real channeling, wolfkin, and dreamer abilities so that not everyone in the game is all of the above; Tel'aran'rhiod that spans the entire world, instead of just one area like on some other MUDs; real linking ability for channelers that follows the rules of linking laid down in the Wheel of Time; about a dozen player guilds, a few of which already have guild skills in, the rest to come, and with support for guild equipment; a ton of color already in, and more coming every day; too many more things to keep listing!

The latter section was just FYI for our current progress, we are not currently accepting players until we get a few more areas finished up, but are desperately seeking area builders!

We are hoping to be the premiere Wheel of Time MUD in the next few years, so hurry over if you'd like to be a part of it!

If no one is logged in when you create your character, do not get discouraged... we only have a few dedicated staff members currently, and like I said, no players, so there may not be anybody currently logged in, but please post a note, or I will email you and let you know when a good time to catch someone on is I am nearly always on during normal business hours, M-F...

I can be reached at any of the following messengers:

AIM: velveetablah
YM: velveeta_512
ICQ: #10221252

Or you can email me at one of the following addresses:

Or you can drop by the MUD and try to catch me there


It occurred to me this morning that I forgot to list the address of the MUD, here it is: 9001
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Old 08-19-2004, 11:36 PM   #2
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MUD gotta be up for us to come look hun! :-)
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I'm connecting just fine, try checking the addie Moiraine, and best of luck to the new mud velveeta.
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