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This Week At MudWorld
Volume 1, Issue 11

- Mud Staff Resource Page
Ever thought it would be nice to have some type of
gamer job service? Ever wanted to post your
availability to work on a game to the world? Ever
needed to hire someone and did not have any idea where
to start? Perhaps you should visit the Mud Staff
Resource Page. The MSRP has been a leading source for
game job postings in this community since 1998. It is
free to use and keeps records for up to two years.

Game administrators can post job openings. Game
staff can post their availability to work. Hosting
services can advertise themselves to visitors. There
is even a command help file dictionary if you would
rather find already written help files instead of
writing your own from scratch. All of this without
any memberships or catches! Check out MSRP today and
tell your friends!

- Immortal University
Immortal University is holding a creative writing
contest. Starting on July 1st and running through the 24th,
submissions will begin to be accepted. If you are
interested, please refer to for the contest
rules. If you have any questions, comments or
additional ideas, then please post them via the link

- Rogel's Intermud Laboratory
In preparation for the summer development season, RIL
has received a major facelift with a brand new theme
and cleaned up html. The name has also been changed
to be open to many forms of intermud communications.
Added is a non-network affiliated forum for the
discussion of intermud communication technology. New
code updates and more will be available soon!

- Free Advertising on Internet Radio
MudWorld is offering free Internet radio advertising
to those who mention this ad. You must create a 15
second or less advertisement in MP3 format at a
bitrate of 128/44kb in stereo. Advertisements will be
played on the automated stream at and during certain live
programs. You can submit commercials via the form
located at as
well as see what has been submitted and download them
for yourself.

- MudWorld Seeks Webdesigner
MudWorld is seeking a talented webdesigner to make up
a tasteful new layout for the MudWorld website. The
webdesigner would only need to create the original
template and the webmaster will apply the changes
himself. The new design must fit to the current
content contained on the website. Also, the new
design needs to be narrowband friendly, tasteful and
new-age. MudWorld can not pay for the service, but is
willing to talk about service exchanges. As always,
MudWorld will give credit to the designer on the
bottom of every page the design is used on. If you
are interested, please contact Ntanel StormBlade via
the form at the link below. Thank you!

- MudWorld Codebase Series Update
Thanks to Samson at Alsherok, releases of CalareyMUD
versions 1, 2 and 3 as well as MW SMAUG 1.5 and
ResortMUD 4.1 have been updated. Each codebase has
had InterMUD 3 updated and the hooks for a MD5
supported IMC2 client updated. A copy of the newest
AntiFreeze IMC2 client code is included. In addition
CalareyMUD 1.0 and ResortMUD 4.1 have had channel
histories added for at least the chat and immtalk

In the next release, the codebases will include
support for the Blitzkrieg IMC2 client. Keep in mind
that InterMUD 3 and newer IMC2 clients are DIKU MUD
license compliant.
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