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Lions, Tigers, and Great Big Mean Grizzlies.

Wishing to expand our world and further diversify our currently infinite possibilities. We have expanded the random offerings our Shapeshifting class can receive, and furthermore expanded the special skills these forms can unleash upon your foes.

The Grizzly Bear, the Silverback Gorilla, the Soldier Ant. All formidable foes when utilized to their utmost. Want to see how you fare?

We've also added what we call Greater Enlivens. Enlivening being the ability to bring forth magical spells you know in human form, while in animal form. This allows you to refresh your haste, translucence, etc while pouncing your enemy. Greater enlivens are dependant on your focus...Offense, Water, Air, etc.. and have much greater duration and utility. Essentially we've taken a class that we were REALLY proud of....and I mean REALLY proud of..and tried to make it better. Judging by the reactions of our players. We succeeded.

Come check us out. It might just be the last time you ever 'try out' a MUD.
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Re: Mongooses, Gyrfalcons, and Walruses

I'd like to expand a bit on what playing a shapeshifter might feel like to a newer player:

1) You begin by learning to do small shifts of your body. Because you choose your adaptations, you can play a flexible role when with others-- claws or horns to add some firepower, a carapace or balancing tail if you need to defend yourself, hooves for traveling long distances on hard ground, and more!

2) You eventually choose themes for your 'full' shapeshifting capabilities-- one choice for your major focus, and one for your minor one. As you progress in your studies, you'll learn to transform into gradually more impressive forms. Maybe your path progresses to the mighty ram (lots of straight-ahead offense, capable of breaking bones and weapons, and closing distances quickly to engage) and the sneaky wildcat (concealment, nimble at avoiding attacks, the ability to sense danger coming, and more)! There are roughly a hundred forms taught by the guilds through 'standard' study, and you'll find yourself hopping between the forms you know, changing your capabilities to fit your situation. While you can't always be shifted (it fatigues you), you'll spend a lot of time in your animal forms!

3) As you progress to the guild's inner circle, you'll learn to carry over magical enhancements into your form, modifying your form with enhanced speed, offensive prowess, or special characteristics themed around your major focus of study. Need to make sure your strikes not only wound, but cripple a foe? Add in Instinct of the Predator. Worried about magical spells? Modify your chosen form with Primal Tenacity. So not only can you pick the right form for the situation, but you can further customize it to your exact needs!

4) Exceptionally well-roleplayed shapeshifters have found themselves capable of learning additional forms, or even transforming into rare forms unknown to other players! We have a lot of flexibility in the system for rewards, and an itchy trigger finger for using them. We want gameplay to be unique not only through the hardcoded features, but also through the experience added by our team of veteran staff.

And as always, Carrion Fields rewards you for quality, not for spending money. The game is 100% free, and your credit card can't buy anything for your character. We cherish that level playing ground, and the real competition it creates! So come check us out with no risk attached!
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Re: Lions, Tigers, and Great Big Mean Grizzlies.

I just realized that Valg and Corrlaan only briefly touched on one of our strong points: replayability (is that even a word?). Shapeshifters are just one of sixteen classes available on Carrion Fields and seventeen races. And a gnome air major foci / defense minor foci shapeshifter in the Nexus Cabal will play utterly and completely differently than a dark-elven offense major foci / water minor foci shapeshifter in the Scions of Eternal Night.

We also place hours limits on the lives of characters. Granted, we're talking up to five to eight hundred hours per character, but still, no characters live forever! So once your character dies of old age, you can start afresh with an entirely new character and Roleplaying concept. That's what I mean by replayability!

Come check us out! You'll be glad you did!
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