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Custom Dragon skills/spells


I am looking to replace some of the spells/skills we currently have with dragons. I would like help with a brainstorming of ideas on it. What spells/skills have you always dreamed a dragon should have on a mud, but did not have it, or what skills should they have as a must...

We have quite a few custom ones already, but I what I am looking for is custom based on the color of the dragon. The dragon colors we have are: blue, red, black, gold, and silver. Black dragon spells/skills should be different then gold, etc. Granted all dragons get breath weapons, talon attacks, and a tail like attack, but each color should have different special skills/spells.

I should mention the affinity/breath weapons of our color dragons is different then dungeons and dragons. Our blue dragons affinity water/ice. Red dragons smoke/fire, black dragons are shadow/death, gold dragons are holy/divine, and silver steel/titanium.

Please do post your ideas in response here, if they are decent I will surely use them.


6 Dragons
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Re: Custom Dragon skills/spells

You might find this thread of interest:

Here is the list of dragon powers and talents I eventually came up with:

classes:dragon [God Wars II]

The Treasure Hoard power is particularly thematic, in my opinion, while the Dragon Barding power provides a nice alternative for those who prefer wearing equipment. I also like the idea of supporting such a wide variety of dragons and dragon-like creatures, such as wyverns, serpents, hydra, oriental dragons - or even more exotic variations such as dracoliches and Quetzalcoatl-like feathered serpents.
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Re: Custom Dragon skills/spells

Blue: breathe underwater, create ice barriers, freeze water for non-flying companions to walk across, summon rain/hail (which might damage a fire elemental or extinguish torches at night), turn earth/soil/dirt to mud, resist frost.

Red: fiery projectiles, barriers of flame, obscure vision with smoke, evaporate rivers and lakes, resist fire.

Black: invisibility and/or hide in shadows, become intangible, drain life, possibly necromantic things (like animating zombies).

Gold: turn/dispel undead, create light, healing (or various curative powers, e.g. curse disease or poison), summoning of angelic beings.

Silver: warp or reshape armour and weapons to make them unuseable or create defensive barriers, deflect arrows, enhanced natural armour and weaponry compared to other colours.
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