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RolePlayers wanted

Anwethia, a orginal themed medieval genre Mush is currently looking for players for a multitude of positions. We would especially welcome players for:
Caer Glas:
The Thane's keep is in need of one to take care of its day to day functioning. The Castellan (see +roster) is a vital position to Caer Glas and will be a integral part of many of the Thane's activities. The castellan's duties include:
Responsible for the keep's domestic staff
Military (responsible for maintaining Caer Glas defences and protecting Carraig) when the Thane is away from Caer Glas. (responsible for maintaining Caer Glas defences and protecting Carraig).


Steward of Carraig is open (see +roster)
Part of the Docartaig holdings, Carraig is unique of all the cities of Liosliath. Its the largest, the busiest port and home to Caer Glas, the Thane's keep, which is on a steep hill overlooking the port city. By tradition, a tradition lost in time, the Steward of Carraig is named jointly by the Thane and the Penneath Docartaig and answers to both. The Stewards responsibilites are directed to the day to day functioning of Carraig and its interactions with Caer Glas.

Carraig has a few shops and we would like to see some PC's take over those shops. We are also open to 'opening' other shops for any one who is interested. A added bonus! The propieter of a shop / place of business does get to have private quarters above that place of business. So far we have:
Piorad Cafe - No PC owner
General Store - No PC owner
Seamstress - No PC owner
Blacksmith - No PC owner
Healers - No PC owner
Indigo Lake Caravansary (Hotel) - No PC owner
Fox Tail Inn - Owner Tegwen

If you are interested come on over to and talk with any of the staff.
Address: 2860
website: ANWETHIA
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Re: RolePlayers wanted

The Castellan position has been taken!

We also have a Master Healer, however the healer shop is still available.
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