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Looking for a mud...suggestions?

Hey all. This is a copy paste of a thread I posted on MudMagic, just to see if you guys could help more. It seems these forums are a little more active so maybe i'll get a quicker response. Anyway here it is.

Hey people. I play several muds, all of which I find pretty cool, but There is something lacking in all of them. Odd thing is if I could find a mud
that had features from all of them it'd be ideal, but I seriously doubt that. So, I would like suggestions on muds to try. Now, I have a list of preferences
for mud features. This is by no means written in stone and most of these preferences are flexible. In other words, I realize I may never find a mud that
meats all of these criteria, but if you know of one that meets many of them, it would be appreciated if you could tell me the mud, a little of what it
is about, and the host/port so I can check it out. Here is what I am looking for. On things that are MUSTS, I will ssay so. 1. MUST be newbie friendly,
as in either have some sort of newbie training or be very thorough on what a newbie should do or where they should go. 2. MUST not be roleplay enforced!
I love encouraged or accepted muds because I an roleplay if I want to or not if I choose so. I can also roleplay but then if I want to know something about
someone in RL, I can ask without being called insane or something. For me, roleplaying should be because I want to, not because I have to. 3. MUST NOT
be a pure PK mud. I would prefer limited or no pk, if possible the option to opt out of being pkillable but that is not a must, as long as it's not pure
pk and there are safe rooms and/or rules about pk, i.e. must have an IC reason or something like that. 4. MUST be screen reader accessible. I can't have
a mud that is strictly reliant on ascii and ansi. If it has those features that is fine, as long as I can navigate and get the full experience without
them. 5. I would like it to have quests, both imm run and NPC generated. These are just fun but I wouldn't mind if they had decent rewards for your time
and effort. 6. It'd be nice if it had some sort of crafting or inventing type thing, like invent on Revenge of the Jedi or something, or at least something
where you gather materials and forge things or have a forging thing like in Aardwolf, although it is currently disabled. 7. No crazy death penalties.
Minor death penalties are fine and are to be expected, but to have your corpse rot in one tick and lose all your eq or something crazy like that is too
much. 8. Prefer friendly imms who are open to suggestions and/or ideas for improvement of the game, especially related to accessibility features. 9.
It'd be nice to have alternate methods of gaining experience besides just killing like Project Bob or Alter Eon, i.e. exploring, treasure hunting, mining,
fishing, harvesting, gathering, foraging, etc. 10. Prefer a mud where it is relatively easy for a solo player to get level appropriate gear without being
completely reliant on oother players. None of this level 10 gear on a level 40 mob junk. 11. Plenty of good solo experience spots that are manageable.
I like to group but we all know that you can't always find a group so having places for soloers to xp is a plus. 12. Prefer not midieval as there are
far far too many of those, but if the mud fits a lot of the rest of the description, I will still check it out. 13. Would prefer a mud that is not all
or mostly stock. All or mostly original would be nice. I'm so sick of seeing midgaard and new thalos and rome and all that. At least if it has stock zones,
have them modified like in AvatarMud. If I think of anything else, I will add it here. Some of the games I have played and ilike, along with pros
and cons to give a better idea what I am looking for include. Bleached Inuyasha Galaxy Pros: Well written game with good quests and tasks for earning
currency and quest points. Fair PK rules. Good variety. Cons: Experienced solely gained from killing. Immortals who do not listen to their players, even
when nearly the entire playerbase disapproves of a change. I realize that immortals are entitled to do whatever they wish with their mud, but the players
are what makes the mud popular, fun and brings more players. If the existing players are not satisfied, they cannot bring in new ones. Alter Eon Pros:
Lots of ways to gain experience. Well written. Cons: Hard to find experience spots at certain levels. Alternate experience methods are miniscule and really
only good for very low level players. Eternal Darkness Pros: Very nice immortals. Cool quests, especially around holidays. Easy to find places to gain
experience. Multiplaying up to 3 characters is fun. Cons: Not much wrong with this one, though experience is pretty well restricted to killling and it
can get annoyingly repetitive when you are in the mid 100s because there are only a couple good xp spots and often other players are occupying them. So,
although I say many good xping spots, that is still very much level based and there is a lot there is not enough zones for. MozartMud Pros: Good questing,
nice rewards, nice immortals. Cons: Lacking in good solo xp zones around level 35-40 or so. Haven't gotten past that. Stuck on brutes so been playing
other games. Revenge of the Jedi :Pros: Cool quests, though not enough of them. Lots of zones to xp both in groups and solo. Good class variety and
love the star wars theme. Also like the space system. PK rules are fair as well. Cons: Not nearly enough quests: Mixed good immortals and jerks. Achaea
:Pros: Extremely well written game. Good player NPC interaction. Cool practicing system. Love the way the practice mobs actually teach you the stuff rather
than just saying you practice writhe. Cons: Every room is PK, even practice rooms. PK rules are far too lax. Player run houses are far too strict. Immortals
aren't that great. Drove me away from trying any IronRealms game. I was PKed my first day within like oh maybe half an hour, while practicing no less.
AvatarmMud Pros: Very newbie friendly. The player community is nice and very supportive. Good places to get experience both solo and grouped when in
lowmort levels. Nice friendly immortals. Cons: Not enough good solo xp spots at hero levels. Not enough value in the quests to be worth it. Jedi Mud
(didn't play this one long) Pros: Very nice staff Cons: Far too many stock zones and about the only star wars based stuff were the Jedi class and a single
Star Wars zone. Project Bob Pros: Extremely friendly immortals. Nice player housing system. I have a 14 room place and growing. Well built and not
to o much stock, though it does have a fair amount. Lots of alternatives to killing for experience. Fun and rewarding quests. Cool players. Good zones
for experience. Cons: Although it's a nice game, it can still get a little redundant. Just no randomness to it. I do generally like the game but get bored
with it from time to time and have to go to something else. CyberAssault Pros: Love the guns. Nice immortals that are very friendly. Good zones so
far as I have seen but I'm only level 10. Cons: Still working on some things so a bit buggy. Very promising though. I think that covers all the muds
I either play or have played recently, like within the last year. Hopefully those descriptions will both give an idea what I am looking for as well as
maybe give other people some muds to look at if you like the way they sound. I think I've made this post long enough now. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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Re: Looking for a mud...suggestions?

Hmms. Not sure if you would like it, but Dragon's Exodus?

1. Newbie Friendly. It would help if you say that you are new though.
2. RP Encouraged,
3. optional PK. You cant be PKed unless you opt for it. And even then, many places are safe. actually few players are PK. If you want to compare your ability to hit each other, we have an arena.
4. got lot of quests- static, dynamic and occasional imm ones. Adding more static quests (riddles type things) slowly that would conntect areas with each other.
5. dwarves can forge and we have some crafting systems.
6. leveling is pretty much through killing though- although you can get exp through RP as well. This is one thing in which we deviate strongly from your ideal.
7. its unfortunately medieval fantasy- another thing you would not like.
8. You loose some exp if you die- but not excessively so. Your corpse would decay if you do not find it or get someone to recover your corpse by magical means in the next 20 min or so. However, the contents fall on the ground so you would likely get most of your stuff back.
8. You can advance pretty easily leveling solo. There is some nice eq that others can get you, but you can survive very well on your own. Besides the eq you quest for is best anyway. Its a rather small-medium sized game and therefore creating a system where you HAVE to group would restrict people playing.
9. Almost no stock left. Besides we are an EOS codebase which isnt exactly familiar to most people. Slowly removing the few stock areas left. I think less than 5% areas are stock atm.
10. I would say the imms are friendly. But then I am an imm too! I am not going to say I am a meanie!!!
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Re: Looking for a mud...suggestions?

Lol I will check it out. So you are saying basically that RP is not required but it is rewarded. That is okay. As long as I am not going to be called insane and frozen if I am speaking ooc then that is cool. I guess I might go dwarf so I can forge lol. I will look at it though and see what I think. I think maybe my name on there will be hemala. I like to use different names for every mud I play nowadays.
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