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Looking for a mud (shocker!)

So I'm looking for a you can tell by the title.

Years back, I played a few LPMuds where as a newbie, you were automatically given a ton of free newbie equipment (worthless and barely protected..but is free!) and there were plenty of newbie areas out there.

That's all I'm looking for. An LP Mud with plenty of newbie areas out there...and nice starting newbie equipment.

I know I could find a ton of these muds if I were to expand my scope to include Diku/ROM/Circle/etc, but to be honest, I just can't get into them. They're nice, but I prefer LP..probably because I started on an LP back in 1994.
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Talking Re: Looking for a mud (shocker!)

RetroMUD - It's not just a game anymore is a heavily modified LP MUD, like the one you described. It's got a rich supply of newbie areas spread out across six different worlds, and it loads with free newbie equipment, albeit about as worthless as you described. Several guilds have spells or skills to create or summon more powerful weapons or equipment, however, and there are also many guilds which rely more on spells or, in the case of the monk guild, bare handed combat, and aren't as reliant on equipment, which can be quite helpful to the starting player.

Hope that helps!
-Kereth Midknight
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Re: Looking for a mud (shocker!)

Mr. Claus,

If you are looking for a lot of fun in a MUD you have described you need go no further than New Worlds at where you will find great newbie help, staff members dedicated to new players and old alike. You will find specific areas for new players and gear up the yin yang.

There is a caveat, however, NW is a roleplay enforced game so you will be required to stay in character while in the game which can be a bit different for some gamers.

Now, if you really want to look further than NW, I would suggest some very good games in no particular order:

Threshold: Journey Beyond the Threshold!
4Dimensions: 4Dimensions | the online multiplayer text-based RPG
Iron Realms: This weekend you might really want to try out one of Iron Realms four games because they have a special event going on in all the games this weekend. Linked below:
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Re: Looking for a mud (shocker!)

You might be interested in Lost Souls. It meets your basic criteria, as newbie start with equipment and there are plenty of newbie areas, and it's an LP (going back to your time, even -- I wizzed in 1993 and it had already been running for three years). Fair warning, though... while it has the LP feel, it does a lot of things its own way and can be a handful for people used to the usual conventions to adapt to. Serious learning curve, the payoff for which is continuing play value.
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