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Searching after a new home!

This post was deleted by the request of its original poster.

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Re: Searching after a new home!


You might enjoy TempusMUD.

Tempus is a time-travel mud that I enjoy and fits your criteria. Our new website is TempusMUD Main.

Concerning your criteria:
  • There is optional PK: Some zones are no-pk while others are not, depending on your level, personal risk level, and storyline, along with a reputation and bounty hunter system.
  • There is leveling, multi-classing, and a remort system for numerous combinations.
  • I actually really like our color scheme, based of CircleMUD, and there are different levels of color available to suit your taste.
  • The Immortals are on and working everyday.
  • There is a small, active, loyal playerbase that would welcome you.
  • There are nine races, eight past time frame classes, and five future time frame classes.

Please consider checking out Tempus, and I hope you find a place to call home. I've played Tempus for years and have no plans on stopping. It gets better month by month, and I enjoy it.

Wherever you end up, best of luck, and have loads of fun.

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Cool Re: Searching after a new home!

Well, you could try RetroMUD - It's not just a game anymore , save for one or two caveats.

-Optional pk: RetroMUD disallows all pk, save in special pk areas (just as you specified). These areas are periodic "wars" which are held only at certain times in special arenas, and ctf matches, which can happen any time at all, as long as players are there and willing, but again, only in special arenas. Pk is technically possible elsewhere, but the punishment is harsh, and it's not recommended.

-Multiclassing/remorts/anything of the like. RetroMUD uses a guild system for the classes. You typically (just outlining the usual plan here, though you can make creative variants on this) start out with a primary guild and typically will take that up to level 20 (though you can bail out sooner, if you like, but it's not recommended), then switch to a secondary guild and take that for 14 levels (you can take another primary guild as your secondary, or you can take one of the great many secondary guilds, the latter being preferred most of the time), then you can take any number of tertiary guilds for nine levels each, until you reach the maximum level (100). RetroMUD is just now beginning to incorporate a remort system as well, so that players who reach level 100 may choose to reenter the game again at newbie levels with access to a small set of more powerful races, keeping all their gear and whatnot, and then rework their way up to their former level, for the extra boost of power. Its a bit more complicated than that, but I can't explain it all here. Suffice to say, they have this requirement met.

-Some color: RetroMUD uses color tastefully to highlight things that are of key importance, in order to aid you in spotting and sorting text as it comes up. The colors come at a default setting, but it may be customized by the player as they see fit.

-Active gods/staff/immortals/whatever. The staff in RetroMUD (wizards, they're called) are very active, and changes and updates are made often, for example the remort system being added now. The gods are all non-player entities, but they are active as well, unleashing their forces or their blessings in numerous regular events upon the universe.

?Active Playerbase of at least 10-15. RetroMUD typically has more than that. Also, I hope you don't mean total, 'cuz then we're WAY over your expectations. It's not prime time right now, but I'm looking at 52 players online at once as I write this. The community is small enough, that you really feel included and get that whole sorta' extended-family setup going on (sometimes including that one weird uncle or grumpy grandpa, but they try to keep those to a minimum. They just keep the ones who are lovably cranky ^^) It is, however, a lot bigger than the same 15 players around only in shifts. I guess when a game's that good, everyone wants to play. . .

XLimited Race/Class selection. This is where you're gonna' run into trouble. RetroMUD is pretty much THE mud for race/class variety. The races are all unique too, so don't expect to be dealing with something out of star trek where they all look like the same thing with different makeup jobs. YOu can play humans and elves, sure, or you can play unicorns, dragons, argus (kinda' like a beholder), bloodworms, kreen (four armed insect things), etc. There are also 16 or 17 starting guild options, I think (too lazy to count) as well as dozens and dozens of secondary guilds and literally hundreds of tertiary ones to choose from, and again, they're all uniquely themed, from service guilds, holy casters, specialized healers, assassins, fallen warriors with soul-sucking evil swords, etc. Playing RetroMUD, you can be anything you want, and there are lots of cool options, but if you're hoping to play a human fighter in a world where everyone else is one too, you'll probably want to go elsewhere. I mean, they have human fighters too, if that's what you're into. . .

-Leveling system: See above.

Hope you see something you like there, and if not, hop on the game and give it a try that way. I'm SURE you'll find something you like in it!

And say hi to me, if you catch me around on there!
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Re: Searching after a new home!

Originally Posted by Kereth View Post
-Multiclassing/remorts/anything of the like. . .
It was pointed out to me that I should probably mention here that RetroMUD - It's not just a game anymore also has a fantastic "reincarnation" system, which might be closer to what you meant. Long story short, it lets you save your exp but start over on another guild/race combo without having to start from scratch on a new character if you didn't like or got bored with the one you started on. Sorry for the confusion if that's what you meant.
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