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A call to RPers; join the Accursed.

Accursed Lands is an RP-enforced MUD with a world that simply reeks of intrigue. Words may have two meanings in Terrinor, and yet the might of a blade can still silence them. Given, that a player-run mob doesn't hunt you down before you can make your great escape to the Underworld, and take refuge with it's denizens (The Underworld being a complex system of tunnels that traverse the globe. Speaking of globe, did I mention you can walk west for a long time and reach the point you started with? Woo for Christopher Columbus enthusiasts!).

The playerbase, albeit small and slightly hard to find in the large world, usually lend credit to the world's beautiful detail by accurately displaying their character's emotions with a simple emote system, and other various commands to shape your surroundings, such as arranging furniture, items, or even vases filled with flowers.

If you decide to connect to Accursed Lands (, port 8000), I suggest that you start in Forest Heart, the general RP hub for now.


If you have any questions about Accursed Lands, don't hesitate to email me at
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