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Old 11-27-2008, 11:02 AM   #1
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Talking Multi-Play Thansgiving - Toril Mud!

Just wanted to invite any mudders to come and join the debauchery during Multi-play Thanksgiving on Toril Mud. I think it will be going throughout the weekend (though I could be wrong as well).

Nice time to lvl up alts!

TorilMUD, the Sojourner's Home OR connect: 9999

Cya there!


Toril Mud

Highlights are as follows:

* Explore a huge persistent world with 250+ unique zones, over 50,000 rooms, hundreds of unique battles!

* Exploit a complex combat and magic system for intense, strategic, co-operative encounters!

* Create characters, wield weapons, cast spells and slay monsters in a game based closely on the Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons world (TM)

* Enjoy a rich text-based environment designed to stimulate the imagination and draw the player into a complex world full of heroes, villains, kings, and queens.

Bottom line: This is an absolutely unique gaming experience, an online community capable of supporting an almost unlimited amount of simultaneous connections, and best of all its FREE!

Come join us in this latest incarnation and see why our game continues to enthrall players from around the world.

Please visit TorilMUD, the Sojourner's Home in order to connect immediately!

OR dial up 9999 on your favorite mud client.


* Location: USA (but international playerbase)
* Primary Language: English
* Min. # of Players Online: 25 - 45
* Multi-Play: No
* Player-Kill: No
* Extended Race Selection
* Extended Class Selection
* Equipment Saved
* Ansi Color
* Quests Available
* Character Approval Unnecessary
* Roleplaying Is Encouraged
* Newbie friendly
* Skill & Level-Based Training System
* Skill & Level-Based Equipment System
* Clans Offered
* World is all original
* Huge World (15,000+ rooms)
* Generally Adult-Oriented
* Mud is fully operational
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Old 11-28-2008, 11:51 AM   #2
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Mugo is on a distinguished road
Re: Multi-Play Thansgiving - Toril Mud!

Just a quick update: Looks like multi is still on for today as well! Look me up as Ssosat or Mugo! Trying to get 2 more levels for my Elementalist!
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