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Blood of Dragons MUSH

Blood of Dragons is set in the medieval-inspired world of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. The game takes place 140 years prior to the start of the first book, A Game of Thrones, during the reign of King Daeron I. The focus on the game is on the political and social interactions at the royal court in King's Landing and (very soon!) at the court in Sunspear in recently conquered and now occupied Dorne, and the vast majority of characters are members of various noble houses.

You can now reserve a Dornish character in preparation for that area opening very soon! Please see for more information. There's plenty of positions at court available.

While the game is fully open, the Admin are continuously working on improving the game based on the feedback from our players. Players who have checked us out before, or perhaps even played on the game, but found some things that were not quite to their liking may find some of our recent and planned changes to be of interest:
  • The application process for Open characters has been greatly simplified; it now consists of two very brief questions and an optional concept write-up.
  • Cameo characters have been added to try out the game with. These require no application at all.
  • An Experience Point system has been added. XP is gained at a set weekly rate. XP can currently be used to advance Skills and purchase additional Assets. Ways of advancing Stats and on advancing ones Tier are being worked on and will soon be added.
  • A Story Point system has been added. SP is gained via votes from other players. SP can be used to affect the outcome of certain situation, to acquire bynames and it will also play a part in advancing ones Tier once that system is fully finalized.
Some of the things being worked on at the moment include:
  • A second area, Sunspear in Dorne, which will open very shortly.
  • A more refined version of the Influence system, as well as more ways of using Influence (for example to bid on positions at court).
  • Additional systems that use skills & stats. The game remains consent-based and for the most part using any coded systems is optional, but we want to offer more options for those who like to use coded resolutions. A melee combat system is one thing we would like to add. Other systems will likely depend on what the players express an interest in.
The Admin are also working on a set of long-term political plotlines, and are particularly interested in seeing characters who want to get involved in such roleplay. For those who would like to start off with a more prominent character and don't mind writing an application there are many Restricted characters available (this includes some that have been CGed already, for those who would prefer to get started more quickly), and there are several slots for tier III characters open.

However, a Restricted character is not necessary to have, for example, a position at court. Few characters have been setup with court positions from the start, as the Admin feel like this would be a less flexible approach, but any player interested in having a character in such a position can simply suggest it to the Admin and we will do our best to arrange it.
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