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Re: Wikipedia is at it again

Originally Posted by Delerak View Post
I'm not refuting the company, nor do I care. We also can't make any judgment on this so-called MMO engine until we actually see the games, and I am sure it's impressive if it netted Bioware and Bethesda which are both big gaming companies. But I also am a skeptic and until I see solid evidence of anything impressive, my opinion is one of indifference.

Having gotten to look at tech info on several commercial MMO engines, including Hero Engine, back when I was close to getting funding for a commercial game.. it is an impressive piece of work. Had I been able to secure the funds, I'd have chosen Hero Engine over the other ones I had researched. Hero Engine is a wet dream for MMO developers considering what it offers, and at the time I was doing the research it offered things I didn't find in the others, but it could do the things the others could.

Yes, it does remain to be seen what companies do with it, including Simutronics themselves. However, it will be more likely that the licensees dropped the ball if their games are not good rather than the enginehindering them from doing things right. In other words, Simutronics has a very impressive tool, now just need studios to use it properly and to its' full potential.
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Re: Wikipedia is at it again

I saw the HeroEngine being used by the HeroEngine team itself at the conference. They were one of the sponsors, brought 5 of their designers, and were working on Hero's Journey (their upcoming MMO) right in the middle of the conference. It is nothing short of amazing what they were able to do with it. It was awesome to see a volcano spewing a big ball of fire (even if it isn't likely to happen in real life) growing before my very eyes.

I doubt the KOTOR project, which has serious funding behind it, would use a sub-par engine.

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