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Thinking about starting a Mu?

For your consideration, this is from folks who play on MUSH's and not MUDS. I expect, though honestly do not know for sure, would be true for MUD's also
I had read this sometime ago and was impressed, recently I re-found this and once again am impressed on the accuracy of the statements made.

2007 Innovations in Text-Based Gaming conference


Summarized, though the entire talk is worth a read.

Temperance says,
so to sum up... in order to have a game that runs successfully, you need - a small, dedicated staff.
a strong, cohesive theme that can serve as a base for rp...
the ability to be flexible and let players find their own place in your world...
openings or hooks for new players to get involved...
and a reason for players to stick around when they log in and find nothing happening right now.

nails says
game requires x amount of energy. staff and players have y and z energy. if x > y + z, then fail.

Another interesting website is 799 MU*'s are listed, look at how many of those have 1 or 0 online. I expect those numbers may reflect the - if x > y + z, then fail.

Enjoy! Happy Gaming!
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Re: Thinking about starting a Mu?

On another board that I read, the following is usually posted for the benefit of those wanting to start a game but needing a coder:

It's something else worth considering.
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