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Carnegie is on a distinguished road
LegendMUD - Malta

I continue my explorations of LegendMUD, this time I find myself in Malta.
It's been a long road and it's beginning to catch up with me: I should find
an inn soon and catch a good night's sleep. I can't help but take a look
around town first, and before I know it I find myself before a large, ominous
looking prison.

(Taken from actual game)


In the Slave Prison of Valletta
The Knights of St John may be hospitallers but they obviously see no reason to
worry about the well-being of the slaves that work on Valletta's houses and
fortifications. Jews, Turks, and prisoners of other, often less prestigious
battles, the slaves are all property of the state. They are not considered to
be really human at all, excerpt from Christian mercy. The prison is dark and
cramped and dirty, wet straw cringes slightly under your feet. The smells of
human waste and decay insult your senses.
[Exits: none]
An uncomfortable pile of not too clean hay offers a little rest.
A young prisoner rests his head wearily on his hands.
An olive-skinned prisoner paces back and forth defiantly.
A Persian-looking youth in poor clothes glances around worriedly.

A Persian youth says to you, 'Please, please, go find the Turkish captain
near Xemxija, and tell him Jamal says 'the birds are caged'.'

A Persian youth says to you, 'He'll know what you mean, I swear you will
come to no harm.'


Another important task that needs accomplished? No rest for me tonight
after all. I have a cryptic message to deliver to a mysterious foreign captain.

Come join the community of Legendmud which is well into it's 15th year.
Thousands of rooms, dozens of areas, three separate eras, hundreds of quests!

You can find us at LegendMUD Official Website
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