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I'm searching for a good hack and slash mud, as I simply don't have time to RP for prolonged periods. Here are my requirements:

-Original world (or extensively renovated); Another Midgaard is really tiresome.
-Simple to get into; hard to get out of
-Positive players willing to help newcomers.
-Grouping system that encourages grouping instead of discouraging. (important)
-Easy to find people to group (important)
-Easily navigable world, such as MUD-encouraged speedruns
-Wars, raids, invasions, and whatnot
-Interesting quests
-Intriguing dungeons, areas, and towns. (important)
-Mob runs
-Corpse retrieval is fine, but mob shouldn't attack the nowdead player
-Involving immortals who cares

I've tried Aardwolf but, while great in many respects, it was tedious having to retrieve your corpse, only to have the mob (obviously too difficult for you) kill you on sight. Realm of Despair has a great focus on hack and slash, but it's challenging for an absolute newcomer to find someone to party with, and thus enjoy a good MUD together.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to your suggestions.

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Molly will become famous soon enoughMolly will become famous soon enough
Try 4 Dimensions, it has got all you asked for, and a bit more.

We have a huge, totally original world,  with in-debth features like looking behind/above/under objects, which make the numerous built-in Quests even more challenging,

There are several coded features that makes exploring easier for the players, like speedwalk, mounts that actually are useful for a change, and vehicles to help you cross dangerous parts.

And you can keep developing your character through unlimited remorts, growing stronger and gaining more skills each time. Our high level Grand Masters, can handle Mobs that would eat a first time remort for breakfast.

The atmosphere is nice and relaxed. Roleplay is encouraged but not enforced, and the players like to gather in the same spot just to socialize.  The playerbase isn't large, but very stable, and our players tend to stay very long with us. We peak around 25-30, and there are usually 5-10 players on line at any time of day.

The Game is very newbie friendly, with features that make the first 20 levels easy to gain. (After that it gets much harder of course). Our grouping system is very advanced, allowing you among other things to switch leader without disbanding the group, and to distribute the exp among the group members in different ways.

The full potential of 4D only unfolds as you play it, but there is a customized MudSchool with a unique Quest Academy on top, which teaches you some of the special quirks and twists of our game, plus a few useful tricks that normally only very experienced players know about.

And the best of all - 4D is totally free. No 'free trial month', no pay-for-perks, no hidden agenda. Just 100 percent FREE.
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Old 02-15-2005, 04:32 PM   #3
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shadowfyr will become famous soon enough
Try Ages of Despair:

1 - Definitely unique. In fact so unique that most of the oldest areas are being reworked to fix things that wouldn't pass the new QC rules. If there is anything remotely stock, it is well buried.

2 - Only thing that tends to confuse people is leveling. Basically you gain levels in a 'class' which them lets you level in a specific 'guild' within the class. So you level twice. This results in people, that refuse to read the handbook they get when they log in, being a bit confused. lol Oh, and also the fact that some people go running for free equipment before they train skills, then wonder why they can't get a weapon. Duh!! There has been discussion of eventually puting in a school or the like to make things even easier, but no one has had the time. Its all pretty easy, if you follow the directions.

3 - Generally people will help out, even the wizards when not too busy will answer questions.

4 - Groups are definitely encouraged. A lot of places you can't survive if not a) a really high level or b) in a group. Some you have to be both. It is possible to solo, but a lot easier to work in a team.

5 - Depends on who is on unfortunately. There was a period of nearly a year when the mud was down, this resulted in a drop in new players. New people do join, but not quite in the same numbers as before and low level players are less relevant to many parties we end up with. Its not that hard to find people to work with, just harder than it used to be. But not having been a newbie for some time, I am not sure how good/bad the situation for lower levels really is.

6 - Well, it has a world map for when you are outside areas. All newbie area have directions to them and there are some commands to move multiple times in a direction. Only things to watch out for is 'water' and 'mountains'. You need skills to cross them. If you don't have those, your dead. There is a 'do' command to string commands and aliases, though I find my own clients features more versitile. You do have to be careful not to flood the buffer though, since you can end up losing people that follow you if you move too far all at once. People use fastruns all the time. Best bet to avoid problems though is to use something like:

do brief,5 w, 10 sw, brief, w

This prevents the outbound text from overflowing as well, so you don't see all the interviening rooms, but the last on you arrive at does show up. If you don't, then you will see something like the first 4-5, part of the 6th, then everything else will overflow and you won't 'see' the room you finally arrive in.  Though, having used such, you probably had to deal with that on others.

7 - Invasions yes. Some things like easter egg hunts, and the like, on specific days as well. Wars and the like... Not really. Clans and the like come up once in a while, but the existing coders have no time, with the areas they are building and other duties. If we ever had someone with a really good idea how to manage it and a willingness to complete coding such... Ideas we have had, but not one willing to do it. In general, invasions and the like though are either tied to specific hollidays or when the staff feels like it. If you nag them, you might get one too, but it probably won't be one you will survive.

8, 9 - There are about 30?? quests. Most are solvable alone, several are only possible with a group. There are very strict rules on sharing any information about how to solve any of them. As for areas, maybe 50 total, some of them, like the Avalon island, are so big they contain several areas and quests 'inside' them. Generally discussing details of them, beyond general stuff like where they are is also discouraged. You can show people stuff in a group, just not tell anyone that asks about something and even in a group, telling someone how to solve a quest that both you and they did not work on together is not allowed. They have to figure out the specifics themselves, unless neither of you have solved it and work together to discover the solution.

10 - ?? I have no idea what this term refers to.

11 - Corpse retrieval by the owner isn't usually necessary. Equipment you are actually using 'worn', 'wielded' or 'held', stays with your ghost. Only real issue is getting it stolen by a hidden thief 'after' you come back to life. If you are carrying anything one you that isn't, then you will have to go back to recover it, this includes gold, etc. Stealing 'from' a corpse of a player is illegal, but once the bady decays and leaves the stuff behind, all bets are off. It is still considered a good idea to ask if anyone lost something if they find such, but some players, like thieves, will probably just pick it up and make off with it. Best bet is not to carry any non-equipped stuff into places where the mobs attacks everything that enters or you know they will remember you. Half the mobs or more in the game won't, others defintely will. This also means it is a good idea to make sure you are not some place they might wander in (and some do wander), before letting a altruist cleric ressurrect you. Headstrong must be in the same room with you, so usually you end up coming to them, which means login or some place nearby to that. However, the headstrong 'can' choose to simply not help too.

There are some that don't forget you attacked them, even if they killed you, and at least one that takes revenge by teleporting any fool who attacks it back to itself soon after they are alive again (or so I have heard). Some such mobs are killable, but intentionally insanely dangerous. Most people don't fight them, unless they are imho seriously nuts. Though some of those mobs have unique and powerful equipment, so some nuts inevitably wants to know what they have. lol Personally, I find it easier to just find someone willing to sell it. Healers 'used' to be able to avoid the danger, but a recent change allows mobs to 'know' that the healer is helping the attackers (when in the same room as them), so now being a healer in such a party isn't exactly 'safe' anymore.

12 - They definitely all care. I will admit some recent friction between a small number of players and the staff, but that is mostly over interpretations of what the staff 'is' doing and what those players think they 'should' do, which most of us consider stupid.
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Well there are a lot of H/S muds out there. I'm sure we are like a lot of them in some ways and unique in others. Please go see and check out Medieval Times. If you like what you see please give us a try. We have too much stuff to list out here, and we seem to fufill your requirements.

Tank 8500
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