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Immortal Wars : Get your PK ON! . Connect at

Maybe you're like me, you mudded about a decade ago and found a lot of godwar muds of different quality but full of great players. Fast forward to today where almost all of those godwar muds are dead.

It's time to collect the few players that are left and join them at a new godwars, Immortal Wars, that is bringing back the fun of the past and adding modern twists to keep up with MMORPGs.

The pbase has been up and down over the past few months and just recently there was a pwipe to level the playing field since so many changes have occurred since the mud went out of beta. Now is the time to jump in and get your PK on.

Don't be turned away by the low numbers when you connect, most players are on vacation or work assignment right now.
Be optimistic and soon enough there will be more players like you, interested in bringing dystopia godwars back.

There's tons of features like elemental damage and resists, lots of new areas with bosses and puzzles to figure out, all new classes, achievements, auras, professions, and MORE.

The first thing you do when you log in is to read HELP NEWBIE and HELP FAQ.

I update the mud almost daily with new features and balancing as well as generic gameplay improvements. I even build areas.

Give it a shot, check out our website at . Connect at
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