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Thumbs up The Gathering... 9010

We invite you to join into our world. Take the first steps into a expedition into the world of Tirradyn! The world isn’t for you? To large and intimidating? Then feel free to visit the moons of Neplilim, Sazaa, Aglet, and Xxyzx but beware traveling to such places are racked with danger and you risk losing your very soul on the trip. Mrems, Jalachara, Werewolves and Fukai are just a few of the races you will meet along the way. Sit in the square making new allies, or move slightly and work for the quest mistress and see the world while becoming rich.

Don’t see anything you like in our many shops? Not a problem! With our crafting system you are more than welcome to make your own clothes, weapons, tattoos and so on to have a look truly your own. We’re very welcoming to new souls into our world and understand that with out them, our very lives will become stale and dull. Seek employment within one of the guilds or work hard and create one of your own. Worship one of the many gods or goddess, or stay a heretic and face the world alone.

Our world is not lacking color, in fact many new travelers find themselves in color shock, but once that wears off you’ll grow to love them as we do. Speaking of new travelers, nothing here has ever been seen else where before. Every city, clearing, forest, grave yard, every blade of grass is original to our world.

Be brave, take the first step we would love to see you, bring your friends and seek your future together or travel the harsh unforgiving world alone the choice is yours - but do come.

The Gathering… was created on April first 2004 and then open to the public three months later and have been a steady game ever since. I have a great staff, every few months new code is released, almost every month a new area is released. We’re a role playing enforced mud, currently without PK but that may or may not be added as new features come in. Our player base is steady and loyal, but we really do need some new blood to join us. We’re a heavy changed DoT code base, however we’re doing a soft change over.

Soft change over? That means we’re changing to a new code base. Not just any code base but our own custom one, based on what our players said they want in a code base! We have MXP Extended Colors, todo lists, custom talking, shape shifting, and a lot more really fun codes. We have about 20-40 plays on at most any time of the day and everyone is really friendly.

So, does that sound good? Fun maybe? Please come in and take a look, I’m sure it’ll be worth your time! 9010

-====== Game World Info ======-
Area Count = 348
Unique Room count = 65673
Shop count = 2014
Inn count = 26
Unique Mobile count = 9090
Mobile inuse count = 18731
Mudprog count = 1770
Unique Object count = 16667
Help Entries count = 1403
Social count = 343
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