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Exclamation Netrunners - Internet 2030

The year is 2030. Nanotechnology has improved our society in many ways. Nanobots are active in our bodies to fight diseases and enable us to wirelessly interface with devices such as cars, planes, robots and computer networks.

When your nanobots log you onto the the net, you leave your body behind and your mind enters cyberspace, a visual representations of computer systems and data. You can navigate this space with your computer persona, an avatar in this world. Your programs and all other programs in this space look like real objects and people, the design only limited by the creatorís creativity.

Everything in Cyberspace is created by the players and their organizations. Every player can create their own organization or join an existing one. Organizations offer a wage and the ability to team work to take on bigger targets.

Join one of these organizations, create your own computer systems and populate it with offensive and defensive programs to earn money, information and to protect it from other hackers.

Or would you rather be the hacker yourself and invade your enemiesí systems to steal their data and disrupt their network? No problem, just find out some access codes and get hacking!

If you prefer to support your organization with custom made offensive and defensive programs, you can also just hang out in your organizationís systems and code modules for them.

If you have any questions, use the forums or log into the game and contact one of the administrators. There should always be someone willing and able to help. Have fun and see you in the matrix!

The beta server was made public in January 2010. There is a customised client for Android devices and the tutorial system is made for those devices. As an experienced mud player you should be alright with using the game regardless of this. There are over 15,000 accounts created already and there are around 10 to 20 players online at any one time. This is because of the Android client. I am now announcing this server here to get more old-school MUD players in.

Check out Netrunners for more information!

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