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Cool Admin'ing two MUDs? HA!

Okay. I have been working on Transgenesis for some time now. The reason I started this game is mainly due to the fact that I am a bit of a writer, and I had a great concept for a modern game and needed an outlet to put it into the world to play. I am loving it! Creating the world, hitting the core concepts and generally writing up my own RPG is nothing short of awesome.

The thing is.. I actually have two game ideas, both equally fleshed out. I have beta tested each on tabletop and both worked magnificently. And though I know it will be an immense amount of work (so no need to tell me how hard it will be) I have decided to pick around at some other codebases in order to start an implement, or at least the beginnings of the second game.

The two games are very, very different both in concept and in play style, which is why I have decided to try a different codebase for the new one. I am downloading a few different bases and I have my eye on CoffeeMUD as a first shot.

Besides the sheer amount of work involved in one, let alone two MUDs, I would really like to get some information from y'all as to which codebases I should try out, servers I might like to try and general things regarding new MUDs.

I love learning to program better, and I love the idea of implementing my own ideas for the two separate games, so I feel my love for the whole scene (the work, the learning, ideas, conceptualizations, etc.) will overpower the work that has to be done.

Peace & Brownies, All.
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Re: Admin'ing two MUDs? HA!

If you aren't even sure what codebase to use, it's probably a bit early to be thinking about a second game.

I'd wager nearly everyone has more than one game they'd love to create. Personally, I've designed about 100 so far and probably a quarter of them are more detailed than the average MUD. But I do so as a distraction when I need a break. It's better to worry about building one and getting it to the point where it can function successfully before you break ground on another. That may mean you never get to do another game but if that's a necessity sometimes. After all, if you can't keep one game running stable, how can you expect to maintain two?
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Re: Admin'ing two MUDs? HA!

I take it you want to use a different one from the one you used with Transgenesis because the overall gameplay is going to need to be different... but without knowing what that gameplay is, we've got nothing to go on as far as suggesting new codebases for you to try out.

This is something that you might want to discuss with your current staff, especially if any of them have any experience with other codebases. I also suggest that you figure out precisely WHY you want to use another codebase -- exactly what features do you want changed and how? Is this functionality going to be something that already exists in another codebase, or is it something you are going to have to write on your own? If it's something you are going to have to write on your own, wouldn't you prefer a "lighter" (less developed) codebase, as opposed to one where you end up wasting a lot of time tearing stuff out?

I do commend you having already done test runs for your games, though.
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