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Old 07-19-2010, 08:53 PM   #1
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God Wars II - out of beta

God Wars II ended up in open beta for far longer than I'd originally intended, partly because I kept getting sidetracked and partly because I'm too picky about everything being "just right".

A few months ago I realised that the mud itself was already fully playable, so I decided to set myself a deadline to clear up as many of the outstanding minor issues as possible. That deadline is today, 19th July 2010. Exactly 5 years after open beta started, and exactly 15 years after the first advert for the original God Wars mud - so it was an easy date to remember

Of course there are still things that need to be done, and plenty of new projects that are still under development, but that's always going to be the case - a finished mud is a stagnant mud, after all.

God Wars II is a combat-focused mud with a dark fantasy setting, where players take on the role of supernatural godlike beings. It uses true coordinates instead of rooms, and a manual combat system that requires simultaneous control of multiple body parts.

The address is 3000

Click here to visit the website.

Click here to visit the Mud/Web Interface.

Click here to view the weekly progress reports going back to 2002.

There is also a graphical MUSHclient plugin (with an MSP soundpack), although this part is still a work in progress.

Here are some screenshots of the plugin in action - click each image to enlarge it to full size:

Having shapechanged into the form of a wolf, I stalk someone through Glyphstone Village:

Running between the giant ant hills can be risky business, but I pause briefly to take a look at my dynamically generated character description:

Not the smartest move...after transforming into a cloud of bats, I fly through the crater hunting fire elementals:

I'm only allowed three images, so the last couple will just be links:

Trying to pick the lock on a treasure chest in the crypt, while a skeleton guard walks past

Rearranging my powers as a dragon, demonstrating how easily a character can be redesigned
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Re: God Wars II - out of beta

Congratulations, Kavir!
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Re: God Wars II - out of beta

I'll toast you on that Kavir. NWA was 5 years in Beta and supposed to be 2.

Good luck and enjoy!
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Re: God Wars II - out of beta

Grats Kavir!
I've been playing your mud on and off for around 2 years. (I dont have the longest attention span ).
You one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) mud designer out there. I am really happy to see Godwars2 is going 'Live'.

Cheers and many thanks for a fun game. And good luck with future development of GW2.
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