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Hello MU*ers

Hello all,
im new to MUDs and the MUD community. Im enjoying myself quite alot currently on Aardwolf (where i don't have to pay full attention) . Im trying to find a nicely balanced place where i feel like im not another guy shouting in the crowd nor screaming alone in the desert. I like more then just combat and grinding too and most of all would love to find an awesome and fun community that would take me in and forgive me my n00bishness

bit bout myself: im an overall gamegeek, but in love with hard to find and alternative games of all sort and stripes. Im talking about computer games. console games. boardgames, roleplaying games all of it !

im playing on aardwolf as Malkolm

hope to meet some cool people and have fun !
thanks everyone for keeping things alive!


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Re: Hello MU*ers

You might want to come take a look at Alter Aeon. We've got a nice mix of social, combat, and other things to do, but we're pretty light on RP. The class system is set up so that a good chunk of experience comes from using class spells and skills, so if you want to avoid fighting that's generally an option (moreso for some class combinations than others.) There's a good set of newbie areas where it's safe to wander around and explore, and the new player help channel is well moderated to make sure it stays helpful.

Hope to see you soon!

Alter Aeon
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Re: Hello MU*ers

Hi there,

You can also give Bedlam a try: / We have a small but super-friendly community, a host of unique features, graphical clients for desktop and mobile, and a pretty extensive world for a new MUD. The emphasis is on co-op exploration and artifact finding. There's no RP and we're light on rules. Our help system is extensive.

Maybe we'll see you around.
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Re: Hello MU*ers

For a unique experience try 4 Dimensions. One of my favorites for unique environment and quests and brain twisters.

I hope you find some groups to help you out in New Worlds Ateraan. With the number of players sometimes its hard to get your voice heard, but try to a niche or your own style and I'm sure you will do well.
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Re: Hello MU*ers

Hey all,

just like to say thanks for the replies!
im gonna try some new worlds to play on soon,
im hoping to find a place where i can craft things and buy/sell them.
as well as a place that features roleplay next to an active ooc community/chat
I like playing support characters in other games, and im feeling im kinda looking for that experience here too

anyways thanks for the suggestions and hope to meet you in a game some day~!
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