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Second Pass MUSH: Villains and Search!

With unemployment surging, refugees still out of work and the risk of famine very near on the horizon, there's never been a worse time to be a non-rider in Xanadu Town. At least dragons and their riders have an assured meal in their belly every day! But with the town cutting jobs, crime on the rise and Thread ruining the crops, there's not much sunshine in fog-draped Xanadu Town at the moment. Against all this unrest, bar-owner and brewer Sharri is trying to shore up the recently established Vintner's Guild, while at the College, Professor Mahesh is leading a 'secret' team experimenting on live Thread.

Despite it ICly being rough for them, Second Pass is fortunate to support an active group of non-rider players. And we're looking for a few more - especially those who have the right stuff to serve as PC antagonists. We have two characters already written and ready for adoption: the feature-ranked Lady Cordelia, a shipping magnate whose ships prowl the waters for less innocent duties on her orders, and Judy, the deeply troubled assistant Ground Grew Chief. These two would be perfect for the player with some experience in running plots, who wants a chance to show their stuff. We're also running a long-term subplot about the Sadrid mafia moving in on the town.

Not up for something so dark? Join us as a brewer and help build the craft system. Or come investigate Thread! We're also gearing up for a Search cycle starting in April or May that will see our first gold egg hatch in over a year. If you're interested in impressing at Second Pass, the next month and a half is a great time to make a character, jump into the storyline and get them established in time for Search.

Log in via our website, Start Playing | Second Pass MUSH, or connect directly to 1234!
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