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MARVEL Inception

The year is 2010. Superheroes, mutants, spies ... all are at a very active point in history within New York City. As threats grow, SHIELD has begun work on the Avengers Initiative, though it is only in its fledgling stages. Various other factions are in their beginnings or just after, though one day, things suddenly changed.

People have begun to realize that things are not the same. Their friends have different memories of their past. Familiar places are not where they were before, or they may look slightly different. Time has been warped and twisted to where hundreds of timelines overlap, and it is nearly impossible to discern which one is the "correct" one as everything only becomes more confused.

Old friends and enemies could come back to life, and even those defeated here can always return. You never know what version of anyone you will be meeting. A enemy to you in your timeline could be a friend to you in theirs. Intelligence agencies are all but on their knees as most of their intel is suddenly compromised. Nothing is the same.

It is up to the heroes to unravel the mystery, or the villains to take advantage of it.

----- MARVEL Inception -----



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