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Avendar: Getting Earthy!

Avendar is getting very, very earthy!

As part of a year-long effort to improve the diversity an interest of our mage classes (known in Avendar as Scholars of Magic), we have just completed major work revision work for earth scholars. We've gone all out, adding stone or gem type settings for every location in the world, as well as overhauling our encumbrance mechanics, to help support the addition of earth scholar paths of study. They are...
  • Path of the Stoneshaper: embracing the artistry of stonecraft and the power of earthen runes, the knowledge of these formidable magi runs as deep as the earth they quarry.
  • Path of the Wakened Stone: the deep, subtle song of the earth resonates with the disciples of this path, masters and caretakers of elemental drakes
  • Path of the Geomancer: with a scholarly appreciation for the varied powers of earth, geomancers are renowned for their breadth of knowledge. (Geomancers are most like the previous "greater earth scholar" class).

But not only have earth scholars just become 3 times more interesting: those earth scholars who dabble in other magical studies have also gotten some attention. Earth/fire are masters of metals and forging, earth/void are masters of dark clockwork, and dual spirit / water / air scholars also have new and unique focuses.

Avendar is a small but well-established MUD community. We'd love to welcome some new players! Come give us a visit at

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