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Creative CoffeeMUDs

So I unzipped the files for CoffeeMUD and started tinkering around. You know, it's one of those nights where I feel like pretending I'm going learn how to code, script, and make a MUD. We all have them, right?

But it kind of got me thinking - CoffeeMUD is a pretty simple, interactive code base. The blessed creature who made it basically holds your hand through getting it set up (always a major speed bump for me). From there, you have a multitude of guides without getting too heavy into Java unless you choose to.

So what have people done with it? I looked at some of the MUDs still open that TMS has in its listings - basically like seven. That can't be it, right (they were all pretty mellow)? Does anyone know any other projects that took off with CoffeeMUD, maybe becoming some entirely different, customized version of the codebase, with 'complex' (if not entirely unique) systems? Language parser, introduction system, unique modifications of the class system, etc. For reference, I play mostly RPEs/RPIs, so any transmutations into systems similar to the ones in those genres is +1 in my books.

And yeah, I ask because I'm still feeling like pretending to make a MUD, and maybe I want to dream about getting somebody to twist Coffee's script around to provide an ASCII map.

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Re: Creative CoffeeMUDs

Shattered Isles started with coffeeMUD and still uses a heavily modified version. When you get into customizing it outside of the easy to use tools provided, you'll find yourself gutting a lot that may not apply to your style.

We broke off at version 5.62, upgrading at that point only because of the addition of accounts for characters. Stability was always the concern going in, but it's never once been an issue that wasn't self inflicted.

I don't know what your measure of success is, but we run around 20 characters during primetime hours, and 75 active accounts. It's definitely possible to get a coffeeMUD game off the ground. You may want to search for the coffeeMUD yahoo group. Great support there.
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Re: Creative CoffeeMUDs

tgmud did interesting things with CoffeeMUD. Not sure how much is stock and how much was added by them, but it's worth a look.

Bubble Bobble 2

EDIT: Ok, that's a weird thing to turn the link into. It still works though.
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