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Lands of Aethar - New RAID Opened port 6565
Lands of Aethar SMAUG MUD

We have just opened a new dragon themed weekly-lockout area and it's drawing massive groups of 10+. The fights involve dodging earth burrowing mobs, deactivating lightning rods, hidding behind pillars to dodge fire blasts, and setting ice traps to stop mobs. There are also weekly quests involved. This is our second RAID area, and we have plans to introduce one every couple months. This game is straight up a huge group effort and has so many fun features, you might be addicted.

The Lands of Aethar is looking for players to fill out the ranks of the Kingdoms and
tackle the end game content we have been furiously putting in over the past 6 months.
We have a small loyal player base, but would love to have you join us!

Probably one of the favorite features that current players have is the extremely responsive
immortal staff. We are putting in content on an almost weekly basis and all bugs
are addressed ASAP, usually same day if possible. If something goes wrong, or a mob is
broken, you don't hear, "too bad for you." We will take care of you, reimburse you,
fix the mob, anything it takes to make it right and make Aethar a place you love.

What we have to offer:
- Fast leveling to max level, triple class system. The classes are well balanced,
each with a self heal, a one round lag attack, a 1.5 round lag attack, a damage of
time attack along with utility skills/spells. Each class has its own flavor, but
the blueprint the classes have creates a huge number of viable triple class options.

- Abilities. These are extra stats that are innate based on your class choice and can
be gained on equipment. They increase your healing/tanking/damage output. Each attack
is based on a set of abilities, so players can focus on certain attacks or healing skills.

- Multiple tiers of gear obtained by defeating increasingly difficult MOBs.

- High-level combat is fast-paced and difficult with the threat of death very real.

- Weekly lockout areas (RAIDS). This is something new we have been putting in. Right now
there is one of these weekly runs that has 7 bosses and a weekly quest. It as been
such a huge hit that we are working on the next one right now. The players schedule
to group up for this run once a week and it's really been bringing the player's together.
These fights are not just tank and spank type bosses. They have multiple mechanics.
A few examples, one of them opens a gateway to corners in a tower and enters them.
You have a couple rounds to get through the gateway or it closes and cuts you in half.
Another takes control of one of the players and explodes area damage across the room.
And yet another charges up a heal and the players have to shield the heal or a large
portion of the bosses health is restored.

- Professions. Each player can choose one of five professions. Crafted items are very
unique and are meant to help running MOBs faster or easier. For example, one of the
engineering items is an item that repairs your group's equipment, one of the tailoring
items is a shirt that summons other friendly group-mates to your location, and one
of the enchanting items resurrects a dead group member in or out of combat.

- Huge quest lines. Each quest has a unique and interesting reward such as new spells,
personalized mounts, focus points (like a talent point system), new commands, etc.

- Daily quests. There are 6 daily quests offering a wide range of currency rewards.
The daily quests range from exploration, kill quests, item quests, and a new escort
daily event.

- Town Factions. There are three towns that offer a faction. To gain faction each town
asks for different actions ranging from gathering supplies, destroying dragon eggs,
killing invaders, aiding injured citizens, closing gates, etc. Rewards are always
items that give abilities.

- Player ran shops. Players can purchase their own shops and list any items for
a range of different currencies.

- Castles. Players can purchase castles that are fully customizable in layout,
descriptions, and even storage rooms.

This is by no means a full list of features. This game is flat out fun, and if you
give it a try you'll love it.
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