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Well if you want to get into the really strange gender issues in such things, the shapeshifter race on the mud I play(see sig) has the ability to change gender at will, it can make things interesting
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Old 07-27-2002, 12:54 AM   #22
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Look at it like this: You wanna be ugly? I don't go for looks, but once upon a time, I made all my chars exactly as described above: Slender, willowy, elegant, free flowing hair (but only in golden, white, silver, or raven black)
Then I actually grew up. Now, when I want to play a beautiful character, I write a desc that only includes physical features. Not "a pretty face" or anything of that sick ilk; just physical features. And I RP those features to the best advantage.
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Well...I play a Castori and a Grimlahdi. For those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about, go to

The Castori is ok-looking by her race's standards. She's got two kids, a few months old and she's pretty average height for a Castori(4'5"). There's nothing really outstanding about her physical features. I prefer to see how far my characters can go in bad taste instead. No, seriously .

My Grimlahdi, for example is average height for her race, (6&#39, she'd probably look rather pretty if she'd wash off the scale dye, she's got scars on her head and rill and she's got all the fashion sense of a magpie. As it is, she has designs painted all over her body (there's a heart painted on her shoulder) and she's got a pink pants with neon purple sequins sewn on them, a light blue belt to hold them up, a torn kevlar vest (long story), a leather jacket and a large cougar for a companion.

The ability to dress (my characters) badly got one of them nominated as Worst Dressed. But my characters don't rest on their good looks and fashion sense (or serious lack thereof). Oh no...they have /personalities/. But anyways, they don't really pay attention to good looking /humanoids/. After all, they're aliens. Why would they think humanoids look good? They're more concerned about their own races. Okay....enough sleep-deprivation enduced babbling for now.
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