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I'm ever so slightly annoyed at doing this again, simply because when I left for military business about 5 months ago, the message boards were not on Ikonboards, and my user account did exist. *melodramatic sigh*

In any case, my real name is James Wehrman, I grew up in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu, and am now stationed on the island of Okinawa in Japan(being in the Air Force does that to you).

I've been MUDing since 1998. Started on UOSS(Unofficial Squaresoft MUD), then moved onto TEF(The Eternal Fantasy), and variety of other LPMUDs afterwards. Shortly after 2000 rolled around, I lost nearly all interest in participating in the playing aspect of MUDs, and moved almost completely onto the developement end. I completely dislike any Diku, or Diku derived MUD, I can only stand LPMUDs. I dislike roleplaying, but only because i'm RP-inept, or defunct or whatever.

My dreams include: Becoming good enough to work on MUD drivers(MudOS, etc), be with what I hope may be love in Woodhaven, New York, getting, and staying out of the armed services, and well... probably all of those seemingly uber-risky things people do once-in-a-lifetime. My general interests include: Anime, coding, video games(mostly RPG), reading, linux, self-gratification, and most definitely the woman I love.
Dislikes: Self-righteous, elitist coders, and admin. Yaoi. Jealousy(I get plagued by that bastard on a daily basis). Diku. Ikonboards(just because I lost my last user because Synozeer decided to switch board systems, feh!). Kesac(head admin on UOSSMUD). Communication via phone. My father. My job.

That's about all I can write at this hour, thanks for taking an interest in my mostly-uninteresting-self.

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