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Well everyone, it is I, SoEnSo,

Many people will reconize my name from the blasting on the I3, For the most part, i'm just the adverage mud coder, but atleast i run a mud.

I've been mudding for 9 years now, 6 years of which i've been coding, like a monkey. I first began mudding on a very old mud, and jumped mud from mud, and ended up finaly on VOD, Valley of Dreams, and another mud called Twisted Fates, both times as immortals, and both times as the head builder. After they shutdown, i began working on my own mud, Using stock Rom24 code, slowly coding up. Over the years since then i've gone through mud after mud of code..

I'd usualy get the mud to the point where i wouldn't know how todo the next thing, and then start fresh again.. Leading up to my current base, i've been coding it for over 2 years, without re-setting it.

Now I'm the co-owner of the mud, as i have a partner in it, he supplies the host, i supply the code. And the Dark Forgotten was born..

For the most part, this is my mud, But what about me.

Well, i'm 19, 6feet tall, i Play football for my highschool, and for the most part, i'm a complete nerd, i'm sorta a mix of the two best things.

But thats just me.

Ta Ta
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