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Greetings all!

I've been mudding for wow..ever. Immed too! But now im old and cranky an im looking for some specifics in a fun game to play and i swear to you all, i only want to play a fun game, i swore off being an imm for all eternity:P  I want to play Here is my dilemma though, apparently, what I enjoy in a mud is very diffcult to find these days, but over the 14 years I've discovered what i like in my mud, so i will list what i am looking for and leave it to you fine folk to possibly point me in a direction.

1.  Level-less, Class-less
2.  Roleplay
3.  An advanced crafting system for the girls, combat system for the boys:P Or vice versa
4.  Diku heavily modified code (seems to be the only code that supports the above proper)
5.  An immortal staff that does not suffer from several, if not all forms of mania. (Like the man in Lethal Weapon, im to old for that....stuff)
6.  Freedom of character development, consistant plotlines.

Thats about it i think, if you have any suggestions, myself and my other old fart RP friends will be happy  try the mud out

Thanks in advance for the feedback!
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If you don't mind taking the tabletop gaming approach to combat, and don't mind delving into another system other than Diku (Diku was my first love, too), then I'd suggest Chiaroscuro.

1. No levels. It only has classes in the sense that it is a feudalistic society, and there are nobles, a merchant class, and servants. Considering the myriad of occupations and flexibility within each of these, I don't feel these are classes in the true mud sense. XP gain is via good roleplay and/or writing a biography.

2. Our roleplaying is excellent. A few examples of our roleplaying can be found at . Roleplaying is both staff-run, and player-run.

3a. The crafting system is immense. Going down from the farmers, lumberjacks, hunters, miners and others that pull resources from the land, up to jewelers, tailors, armorers, chefs and others who make finished products, there are thousands of objects that crafters can make, and other characters will desire.

3b. Combat is handled via the FUDGE system by Grey Ghost, a popular dice-based system that allows rolling of skills and attributes (usually with a staff referee) for attacking and defense, as well as for a myriad of other purposes.

4. Our codebase is PennMUSH, a very flexible codebase, and we have taken full advantage of this flexibility via coded systems.

5. Is multiple-personality disorder okay? Our creator is very active in roleplaying, and has maybe a dozen characters. Other staff are very friendly and helpful.

6. Character development happens constantly. Read the logs involving the character Katrin, and you will see many lives changed by her actions. Plotlines are also happening constantly, from the big house conflicts down to the petty freelander squabbles.

To take a look at our website, go to , or to go straight to the game, go to telnet:// :2003 .

Hope to see you there.
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The Vorpal Tribble
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Though I don't think its Diku, I do have an LP-based MUD that has everything to the word that your after called Accursed Lands.

1. Leveless and classless. Any race can be any profession, though each race has plusses and minuses that make it difficult for them to achieve the finesse that other races could, depending on the skill.

2. We are Roleplay mandatory and triggerers/botting/using OOC communication such as AIM or ICQ to cheat the language system will result first in death and relocatuion to the other side of the world. Do it again and you may be banned from AL permanently. Many players write their own character histories and play by it.

3. We have a very realistic crafting system, with hundreds of things to make. From tanning, skinning and leather working using the pelts you skin off of animals, to smelting, metal working and mining skills that will let you craft weapons and armor, to simpler ones such as basket weaving, logging, whittling and herb gathering.

Our fighting system is likewise advanced and realistic, giving you no hit pool, but a health stat and portions of the body that can be harmed, crippled, or destroyed. Lose or cripple an arm and you drop any object you have and can no longer use the arm. This happens to the leg and you fall to the ground, no longer able to stand or fight very well. This happens to the body or head and you go into a coma until you heal. Heavily damage the body or head and you die.

4. Our staff is very dedicated and helpful, and though many jokes have been made, I would not call any of them maniacs.
They also do not mess with your character ICly or bother them in any way (unless your botting, see above).

5. You can make your character anything you like. We have an indepth and detailed theme that is made to give basic guidelines for each race, such as mysrra are honorable and truthful, and bramans are pacifistic and standoffish. You can go against theme, but you better have a good reason/excuse/story to give it plausibility.

I can guarantee that if realism, in depth theme and originality is what your after, AL will have you hooked. Our character generation is likewise very unique.

Port: 8000 and 8888
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Thank you both for replying, i did visit both your worlds,  Accursed lands a bit back before i registered here.  Im sure your worlds are wonderful but a MUSH is just to big of a leap for me to take, and LP code well no offence Vorpal, i just couldn't flow with it.  If that makes any sense

I wish you best of luck with both your worlds though, may they prosper and be long lived

Probably im just too picky, but ill keep looking

Thanks again!
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Got the MUD for you.

1. Class-less, level-less... yep.
2. Intensive RP. Mandatory... yep.
3. Crafting system, yep. Check out the crafts in the webpage. Combat system, yep. Detailed output, none of that stock stuff.
4. DIKU. Yep.
5. Immy's usually keep themselves hidden. If you want an NPC animated, they can do it.
6. Currently there are three ongoing plots that is taking place. Yep, you can take your character to whatever path to tread on.

7. RP points given for exceptional roleplaying.
8. 24+ Players on on peak hours.

Try it out.
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Jazuela will become famous soon enoughJazuela will become famous soon enough
Thread started asked for:
1. Level-less, Class-less
2. Roleplay
3. An advanced crafting system for the girls, combat system for the boys:P Or vice versa
4. Diku heavily modified code (seems to be the only code that supports the above proper)
5. An immortal staff that does not suffer from several, if not all forms of mania. (Like the man in Lethal Weapon, im to old for that....stuff)
6. Freedom of character development, consistant plotlines.

1) No levels, no "professions" if that's what you mean by classes. There are skillsets (called guilds), so you would (for example) pick warrior/jeweler and your character would have an *initial* setup of specific skills. After becoming proficient with one of the skills that came with your primary skillset, it would branch and a new skill would appear. Example (hypothetical intentionally) - your warrior comes with crushing weapon ability. You get pretty good at it and one day, you notice you now have the skill "blue-balls kick" on your skills list. Many skills can branch, and some can sub-branch off the primary branch. This allows for an extremely diverse set of skills that fit the primary "function" you want your character to have, though you don't ever have to use ANY of them for your character to be viable.

2) RP-enforced, required, intensive, cut-throat, in your face RP. And you can't just show up in the game and create a character. You have to apply for an account (which comes within an hour in your e-mail), and then you can submit a character application. If it's approved (usually within 24 hours) you're all set.

3) Crafting system - yep. And the code doesn't give you all kinds of neat echoes to show your progress. That's up to you to emote. It starts you crafting (if you have the skills and proper equipment/tools/materials), you emote your session, and it will let you know whether or not you succeeded or failed. If you succeed, you end up with the thing you tried to craft. Or maybe one of several, if you "dropped a few travel cakes" while trying to cook up the dough TONS of different crafting options too, plus you're allowed to RP a session and send in the log with an "object submission", and if the staff feels it's a reasonable request (and they're VERY reasonable IMMS!, they'll let you craft something that doesn't currently exist in the system. (Like, a green polka-dotted velvet-trimmed evening gown, for instance).

Combat: auto-combat like usual DIKU, but the program has slowed it down significantly so you don't just type "kill monster" and sit there watching the screen scroll a mile a minute til one of you is dead. In -most- cases you actually have a chance to roleplay out the combat between hits. Plus there are all types of combat available, and hunting is only one method of use. Oh - and males and females are equal in physical capabilities in Armageddon. There's no sexism, because there is no "fairer" sex. Your character's mother can probably beat the crap out of you with her bare fists if you misbehave. <grin>

4) DIKU: Heavily modified, ultra-tweaked, "value added" DIKU.
With all the credits right there on the login screen.

5) The IMMs in Armageddon, for the most part, are amazing. They will get involved when and if they are needed, but they will do so ICly by animating NPCs, or invisibly through "sends" that only you can see so they're not disrupting the RP. Most plotlines are completely player-driven, though sometimes yes, an IMM needs to add a little touch of this or that, and you never know when your kank will decide one day you've kicked it too many times and start nibbling at your boots.

6) Freedom of character movement - within reason and within the scope of the game, absolutely. Complete freedom, absolutely not. Noble characters, certain races, templars, and certain skillsets are not available to newbies. You have to show that you can handle the responsibility first. This helps keep things easier to manage from all ends, and protects both the integrity of the game, and the integrity of its players and staff members.

Consistant plotlines - depends on what you mean by consistent. They don't have "weekly events." Events are mostly player-created, player-run, and player-resolved. You make the world come to life, the staff just presents the atmosphere.

The website is

I won't tell you the telnet and port, because you REALLY want to read the docs on the website first before deciding if it's something you'd be interested in.

Good luck!
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