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Kallindor Mud Update

- New command/option 'consent' to allow/disallow group looting your corpse.
Type config or consent to view or change current state.
- Cure wounds max heal reduced slightly

- Display current/next quest timer in prompt. Read help prompt for details.
- Changed champ bonus to stat cap slightly, read help champ for details.
If you feel you have been hugely impacted by this, contact me about reimb.

- Shaolin skills 'earth style' and 'wind style' levels swapped
- Damage on all style procs increased
- Shield superiority now gives knights a minimum chance to block an attack,
regardless of the level of their opponent

- New druid champion spell, shapeshift efreeti
- New efreeti spell, creeping doom
- Reduced repop time for: Amazons, Blackthorn, Black Hole

- New command/config option "exploration" which enables a slightly more
spammy "exploration" mode, showing detailed exit info in rooms

- Lich form retooled and buffed a bit, now a necromancer champion spell

- Desecrating essence no longer hits friendly mounts
- Detect charm level requirement lowered
- An old tavern is open for business near Zhrastan.
* New area in, courtesy of Ether/Peyton
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