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FAQ: Why does my vote link show invalid Id?

When the new voting code went in I temporarily put code in there to email me when it received a vote for an invalid MUD id to help verify things converted ok. 12 hours or so later its amazing to me how many votes TMS has been getting all along that were not recognized by the old software.

I just put this into an FAQ item with a link to it on the error page, but also worth repeating in a post. Not that anyone has questioned the rewrite, but regardless of all the other reasons, this alone is enough:

Why does my vote link show Invalid ID?

Unfortunately, the old voting system did not inform users when they attempted to vote for a MUD not in our database. The new voting system does, so some visitors are starting to see the message Voting Error - vote attempted for unknown site. This message means one of a number of things:

1.The voting link for your MUD has been voting for the wrong keyword all along. This was always a source of confusion on the old database as the URL for voting was different than the URL for your MUD entry.

2. Your site is a MUD resource rather than a MUD and, therefore, never had an entry in the MUD database. We tried to convert as many of these as possible manually, but some will have slipped through.

Solution: Create a forum account if you don't already have one. If your MUD is already in the MUD database, claim it using the forum account and make sure your vote keyword is correct. Information on how to do these can be found in the FAQ section at Mud Owners FAQ

3. Harder to identify - your vote keyword is fine and your MUD is receiving votes, but some links on player sites or bookmarked URLs in your player's browser are incorrect. In this case the bad news is that under the old system those votes were going into a black hole. The good news is that in the new system, once these links are fixed, your vote counts will increase.

Solution: Make sure your players are reminded of the correct link to vote for your mud at TMS.

Note: While the old vote URLs will continue to work, it is recommend that you update your voting link to the much simpler:<your vote keyword>.html

In addition to being easier on the eye, the new URLs will be slightly faster for your players as there is no 301-redirect involved.

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