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Embedded MUDs?

I am looking for a codebase that can be simply embedded into a web page. Does code like this exist or is it something that someone would have to do custom?
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Re: Embedded MUDs?

I assume you mean a mud client that can be embedded into a web page? If so then yes there are several around such as FMud (link in my sig), Decafmud, Soiled and probably others.
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Re: Embedded MUDs?

If you're embarking on a new project, you can take a look at the very recently released HaikuMUD project by Runter. As I understand it, the goal is to fully integrate the game and the web server using web sockets (part of HTML5). It's the way of the future.

For an existing game server, you'd be looking for a client more than a codebase, like Orrin said. FMUD gives you some really nice features OOB but it's not customizable. If what you want is a UI streamlined and personalized for your game, you can take a look at this Flash Sockets API I shared recently. You can see it being used in my production-state web app.

If you decide to undertake a web-based project, let us know how it goes.
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