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Aelisus: Asunder!

Hello! I’m an Immortal at Aelisus and I wanted to announce some of our new changes as well as advertise the other features of our game. We’re a roleplay-enforced, open PK mud that launched in early May of this year. As far as features go, we have:

- 17 classes, 20 races - The ability to apply for your own qrace, which is a customized race that builds off an existing racial template. The sky is the limit here - we’ve had people create bipedal insects, frogmen, and more.
- Dynamic in-game maps - Dynamic dungeons with scaling enemies and gear drops
- A custom mudlet skin that utilizes GMCP data (check out our Discord for more info)
- PK cabals and an RP cabal
- Three gathering professions and one crafting profession (with more to come)
- Archaeology and relics - you can find powerful artifacts on mobs and in mineral veins
- Religious clans
- An auction house
- An active discord with channels that broadcast auction house data and global echoes
-Frequently built new areas, including a brand-new 300 room Underdark, connecting the world in various places through dark and twisting passages.

We recently enhanced our religion system to include:
- Temples for each religion, so you can induct into a religious clan
- Shrines to covert from agnosticism to a religion of your choice
- Updated helpfiles for each of the religions
- Lesser and ornate idols that can change the influence of the religions in-game
- Events for each of the religions to RP with the clergy of that faith

As someone who has tried a lot of muds, I wanted to share what makes Aelisus stand out and why I became an Imm. Our playerbase is small (averaging 10 - 15 at peak, we’ve had a summer lull), but our active players very engaged with newbies. The staff here are hard at work on improving the game and adding new content. In the past month, we’ve enhanced religions, added archaeology, an RP cabal, released a new area, and much more. There’s no P2W here - we don’t accept donations of any kind. Some muds are very secretive about their back-end systems and what certain skills do - that doesn’t happen here. We’re eager to have new players try the game and tell us what you think, whether you have positive or negative feedback.
Resources to learn more about the game:



Wiki (which is a work in progress):

To connect to the game: Name: Port: 1848
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