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Cryosphere - MUD Details
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MUD Name Cryosphere
Telnet Address
Language English
Location United Kingdom
Admin Name Serriadh
Theme scifi
Brief Desc A mission-oriented British Sci-Fi mud with strong AberMUD influences. Join the Navy! See the Universe! Die in a swamp on a distant alien hellhole!
Date Added 5th October, 2014
Codebase Custom - From-scratch C++ codebase with lua scripting. Look and feel similar to abermuds.
World Size Medium (3001-6000 rooms)
World Originality All Original
Game Rating Inappropriate for children under 13
Player Killing Restricted Playerkilling
Roleplaying None
Online Status Fully Operational
Category Futuristic
Ranking Category Game-Futuristic
Avg Players Online 6-10
Year Created 1998
Vote URL
  • Supports ANSI Color
  • Supports MCCP
  • Has Quests
  • Class-less System
  • Level Based System
  • Equip saves on exit
  • Private Messaging System
  • In-game Forums
  • Accepts Reviews
  • Free to Play

Cryosphere - MUD Description
Cryosphere is a Sci-Fi themed MUD that has been built from scratch, with some Aber influence.

Though we only have a very small team of developers and testers, we are under continuous development with significant new features added every 6 to 12 months, with the most recent being cybernetic implants. The only way of advancing ranks in the game is to complete missions which range from the trivial to the challenging; we try to avoid the standard hack'n'slash, grief'n'grind style of gameplay often found on other muds.

Players who complete all (or a substantial part) of the game are invited to make a contribution to the game itself by designing or implementing a new mission, at which point they are promoted to Captain (the equivalent of a Wizard elsewhere).


The year is 2063. Decades ago, space was opened up, for
exploration, for development, and for colonisation. Now, the
forces of competing nation-states are scrabbling to expand into
the galaxy, fortifying and industrialising former frontier worlds,
and searching for potential alien allies. One such system, located
near the border of the demilitarised zone between British and French
space, has been thrust into great importance, and now is host to an
impressive military presence.

But not all is well, banditry and piracy are still rife, the
development of the system barely begun, and the uneasy peace
with the French starting to break down.

As a raw recruit to the Royal Space Navy, you must pass through the
Academy, and then work your way up through the ranks by performing
missions, eventually reaching the rank of Commander.

All times are GMT -4. The time now is 05:00 AM.

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