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Old 01-31-2003, 09:30 AM   #1
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GoatLady is on a distinguished road
I haven't been MUDding for very long compared to some, a little over 3 years now. In that time, I have tried out a few MU*s but only stayed in three of them for any length of time as the rest weren't really the kind of thing I am after.
So what do I want?
Here a few things:
- Roleplay enforced
- No levels but lots of skills used more for RP and surviving in the world rather than for killing others
- Craft system
- Low player base (None of those games with 300+ players!
- Original world
- Medievil fantasy type of setting, but realistic. Not with strange dragons and vampires walking around
- Free to play the full game

There are a few more things but I've already narrowed it down a little too much.

Suggestions on a post[card]!
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Old 01-31-2003, 10:47 AM   #2
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I would advice you to play carrionfields. It atleast uphold a few of your requirements:

It is very roleplay enforced.

It has levels 1-51. The skills are given at certain levels depending on how powerfull they are.

Its players base is around 90-100 at peak hours.

It is has an original world.

It is medival fantasy, dragons and such fantasy creatures are around. But they have a certain feel of mystic to them since you wont meet them while walking down the road. You can not play a dragon.

It is 100% free.


I will add that this is a PK/Roleplay MUD. PK is based on how much experience your character has, so you wont have a level 51 running around slaying level 1s for fun.

If you seek the pure roleplay part of this mud you have a couple of cabals that is very heavy roleplay cabals. The heralds, they run a inn that people frequently come to for a good time and roleplay.

If you wish to give it a shot I know it can be hard at the beginning, but the imms of this game is friendly towards new players. Give it a try, hero a char. You will enjoy the experience.

visit for more info. It contains a very fine forum for asking questions directly to the imms, and they are quick to answer.;t=225

Also a good read, an advertisement from our loved lich god, Valguarnera.
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Old 01-31-2003, 11:00 AM   #3
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April is on a distinguished road
You might wish to check out "Between Shadows & Light" on your current search (

The only requirement of your that we don't fill is "leveless". ShadowLight has 100 mortal levels, however these are attainable through "hunting" or through role play.

ShadowLight is a role play enforced Mud with an easy to follow and interactive storyline. They boast a role play point and reward system, in-character role play jobs and tons of huge/mini rpquests to keep these interesting.

Skills & Spells --ShadowLight has tons! Aside from the ones you pick at creation, you can always ad more! ShadowLight also has clan and status based skills and spells that you attain as your character increases in IC size and power.

Crafting System: ShadowLight has a wonderful crafting system that allows players to control ALL the aspects of their Equipment --everything from your short description to your armor class to the spells applied to your crafted equipment: it's up to you! ShadowLight also allows for player restrings and gives players the ability to alter equipment they have already found in-game.

Player base: ShadowLight usually has between 5 and 10 players on at a time.

ShadowLight is a Medieval Fantasy setting (We do offer Vampyres to level 100+ players, but I think you will find they are nicely intertwined into our storyline and world) and is 100% free!

If you like what you hear, give it a try! :)
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Old 01-31-2003, 11:30 AM   #4
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OnyxFlame is on a distinguished road

Depending on your desired style of RP, here's a couple options.

DartMUD: No levels, no classes (multiclassing is hard, but not impossible), several guilds which you don't have to join any of, and various Houses which have a political atmosphere all their own. Tons of skills and spells to learn, including a highly developed crafting system with which you can make almost any object you see in the game, from tunics to candles to suckling pigs. Dragons and vampires exist, but are very rare. (Dragons not playable by PCs.) Our RP is a bit relaxed (meaning usually the built-in socials suffice; you don't have to play out every little twitch and hair adjustment) and you'll find some really bad RP'ers, but I've always been able to put up with that because I love the atmosphere. We currently have close to 50 players on during peak hours. For more info see

ArmageddonMUD: Level-less, but not exactly classless. Upon char creation you pick a class and a subclass which determines what skills you know and what you can eventually learn. You also have to submit descs and a history before your char will be approved. Again, lots of skills and crafts to learn, and a really interesting magic system although I know very little about that part. There are various houses to join, and the politics between houses and even cities can get pretty twisted. RP is VERY have to play out every little quirk of the mouth and smoothing of the clothes, and you can be punished if you just sit there trying to work on skills all day long to the exclusion of RP'ing. I haven't seen any dragons or vampires but then I didn't play it very long either. It takes place on an imaginary desert world though, so there's plenty of odd insectoid critters running around. I saw up to 70 players on during peak hours, but this may have changed by now. For more info see

Hope this helps.
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Old 01-31-2003, 12:21 PM   #5
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Cprice is on a distinguished road
Inferno meets all those requirements, except one. It does cost to play, but very little, and now has a three month free trial period.

Check out details here:;t=229

Also, this review:

And of course their official site:

Hope you find what you are looking for. Good luck!

Shuji Tsora
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Old 01-31-2003, 02:11 PM   #6
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Frostflower is on a distinguished road
The two muds I most play fill all or almost all the requirements.

Harshlands in my opinion fills them all. Set on the beautiful setting of Hârnworld, it is very realistic. The world of Hârn is imaginary, even fantastic, but magic rare. Roleplaying is enforced at all times and extensive documantation is available both on the MUD's homepage as well as on the many sites that can be found by searching for Hârn.

To see more of my opinion on the game you can see My Harshlands Review.

The other is Armageddon MUD that was already mentioned above. The only criteria it does not fill is the medieval setting. Or, not exactly. It is by no means modern nor vamprire ridden, but if you seek something reminescent of European middle-ages, it is not that.

Here is a closer take on what I think of Armageddon.
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Old 01-31-2003, 02:54 PM   #7
The Vorpal Tribble
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If your wanting originality and extreme realism I would also recommend Accursed Lands. Except for humans every one of our races are original and even the humans are guaranteed to be 'different'. No elves, halflings or dragons allowed! We are completely free, RP mandatory, 200+ crafts, skilless system, and medeival/low gothic fantasy themed... maybe should just let you look at our info, too much to mention, but we match your criteria word for word

Good luck in zee search!
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Old 01-31-2003, 04:43 PM   #8
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Alajha is on a distinguished road
MirrorsMUSH meets all those requirements.
Of course, we are a WoT mush, and not many people like MUSHes or MUCKs or MOOs, whatever, but we *do* meet every requirement.
We'd love to have you
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Old 02-01-2003, 01:26 PM   #9
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Rytorth is on a distinguished road
Chiaroscuro sounds like it might fit what you're looking for, although it is pay-to-play for anything higher than peasant status. On the bright side, you only have to pay once and then the char is yours for good.

We do have a medieval enviroment - although magic exists but it's very, /very/ feared and those found using it are either killed or are turned into the Lessers, creatures even the peasants pity.

Currently we do have a low player base although this might change with time. We don't have levels but we do have a good deal of skills - and only /one/ group of those is used for fighting at all. The others are used for survival and stuff you could RP.

I know there's a craft system on at least one other MUSH that Brody runs - but I don't know if it's been implemented on ChiaMUSH, sorry.

RP is enforced - if you're not in the OOC area, you're on the RP grid and therefore expected to RP. And like OtherSpace, Chiaroscuro is an original world and is fairly realistic asides from mages (also known as the Shadow-Touched) being in existance.
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Old 02-01-2003, 04:25 PM   #10
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Sombalance is on a distinguished road
If you are looking for a growing environment where you have a chance to make a difference, both as a player and as a character, then I would like to suggest Untamed Lands.

UL has a small, but dedicated and helpful player base committed to roleplaying.  There are no classes or levels in the game, instead the game uses a skill system that is open to all characters. The craft system is currently being implemented and when complete all items found in the game will be able to be produced by the characters.

There are no stock areas in the game. The world draws upon the mid to late 17th century of earth for inspiration, the dragons, ghosts and vampires fall into the realm of myth not reality.

Untamed Lands is based upon SMAUG with extensive changes, and as with all DIKU based muds, there can never be a charge to play the game.

Additional features that may interest you are a virtual world with overhead mapping when outside, player constructed homes, constant time which is maintained across reboots and experience points for roleplaying.

More information can be found on our web site at

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Old 02-01-2003, 05:27 PM   #11
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TKD is on a distinguished road

Well, I would personally say that Avendar: Crucible of Legends at Host name: Port: 9999

We provide a great roleplaying environment and
we always welcome new players. We currently keep
a small playerbase of around 15-sometimes 40.

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