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An interesting link I found that gives several examples of concept "cliche's." If this has already been posted, I apologize.
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Oh, thank you Crystal! That looks very amusing indeed...I'm going to file it right next to the classic "Light Bulb" joke about forums in my bookmarks list, and then hunker down and read it before I start coding for the day!
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Originally Posted by
Mass Mediocrity Law. All the game systems of the largest game companies suck: Dungeons & Dragons (maybe prior to d20), Palladium System, GURPS, Storyteller, etc. (Exception: non-first edition Shadowrun/Earthdawn, arguably)
That's a nice way to treat the gaming system that made RPG's popular. How postmodern of them.
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instead of going how horriblly bad this list is i will instead use it as a promotional springboard!!!

Originally Posted by
Freeware Law. Free RPGs almost always suck. 85-90% of all free RPGs are created by gamers who have (at best) only a vague idea about how to actually design a game system. At least 5% more were created by gamers who simply took existing systems and altered them, usually by just changing the dice type(s).
obviously the writers have never killed puppies for satan.  ahh, the utter joy that springs through my soul just saying that.  satan, sad to say, can't afford uppercase letters.
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I like this one:

Originally Posted by
Saturation Law. At any given point, at least half of all gamers have plans or dreams of creating and publishing their own RPG. The fact that many of these gamers actually succeed has (by this point) lead to the arguable fact that there are simply too many RPGs in circulation compared to the total number of gamers.
So, so, SO true :-( Applies just as well to MUDs
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I agree with erdos. Great page, people need to make more of those!!!!!
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