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Old 06-27-2002, 11:12 AM   #1
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I was wondering when I walked through this page, what terminology do you use in MUDs? I'd like to see a recopilation of all your terms and their semantic.

Sincerely yours

P.S.: please do not make way too obvious things (i.e.: do not put Imm: someone who imms unless you precede it by the meaning of the verb imm)
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From the glossary in my newbie guide (still in progress)...

Ac- armor class, used to determine how well protected your character is, negative ac being better
Admin- the administrators of the mud
Channel- a method of communication, i.e. gossip, question, answer, auction
Char- short for character; character refers to your ic persona in the game; also used to refer to any player or mob
Desc- short for description; what players see when they look at you
Dr- damage roll, determines how much damage your character does when he/she hits
Eq- short for equipment; displays the equipment your character is currently wearing
Exp- experience points; you gain exp from killing mobs and from improving skills
Hp- hit points, used to determine the health of your character
Hr- hitroll, determines how often your chracter hits
Ic- in character, i.e. anything pertaining to what your character would do/say/know
Imm- an immortal in the game, a member of the staff
Mob- a mobile, npc, or non-player character; any character not controlled by a player
Mp- mana points, used to cast spells
Mv- movement points, used to walk from room to room; certain room types, such as roads, will use up more mv
Ooc- out of character, i.e. anything pertaining to something your character would not know; levels, exp, hp, stats, etc. are all ooc
Spam- to repeat the same command over and over again, or to cause a massive amount of text to scroll by, usually to annoy other players; spam is bad
Stats- Str, Int, Wis, Dex, Con, Cha; stats also sometimes refer to hp, mana, mv, hr/dr, and ac
Tank- to attack a mob first, thereby taking the hits from it, usually while others help attack
Tnl- the total amount of exp you need to gain to reach the next level
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dork - anyone I feel like teasing.

(couldn't help it...)

Actually I wrote up an FAQ for the MUD Dionae and I imm on.. It's too long to post.. but uh..

blah, I should sleep more and think more.
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Molly will become famous soon enoughMolly will become famous soon enough
Nice list Dione, here are some more:

Newbie - Player who is new either to Muds in general or this mud in particular
Oldie or Oldtimer - Player who spends most of their time on line sitting at Recall and complaining about how much better everything was before.
Powerplayer - Player who is mostly interested in high stats
Recall - an option in most muds to get back to a central point, without having to walk
Twink - Player who does not adhere to normal rules and regulations, or who is out to 'cheat' the game or generally disrupt it

And most players use hit and dam instead of hr and dr.
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hr/dr vs hit/dam differs from MUD to MUD.. honestly I see more using hr/dr on muds that offer it.

Of course, my original MUD based what you could pick up on your STR, and had a certain number of items (like 10) that you couldn't carry more than.. you had to store the rest.

Reminds me of the Farmers' Alliance in the 1890s, hee..
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Some friends and I who often group together on the mud were sitting around at the recall spot the other day doing abit of RP (even though its mainly a HnS game, we try to spice things up abit every once in awhile).  Suddenly another pc came running in saying he just received a quest that would give him enough qps to get a sweet sword.

 Now the problem he had was that the area he had to go to was covered in nasty aggie mobs with loads of combat mprogs, definitely not stock!  After a few quick emotes poking fun at his wimpy attitude we agreed to tank for him on the quest.  If nothing else we could do a quick corpse retrieve for him (and the more devious member of our group may do a quick loot as well) for a small fee.

 So after a spellup and eq/inv check we were on our way.  On the way I noticed that one of the members was doing alot of scans, so I dropped him a tell to see what was up.  He replied it was a bad feeling he had and wanted to keep on the lookout.  Shrugging it off as paranoia we made it to the target area and blasted by the first few sentries with little dam to ourselves.  We came to summoner mob that would trans the group further into the zone for a bribe.  After standing around and some more quick emoting at the fellow we were helping at we finally had to tell him, "Your quest, your dime." Reluctantly he forked over the gold and off we went.

 We were transed to the next room, which was norecall, where five other pc waited with trigger happy scripts.  A FREAKING PK TRAP and we fell right into it.  Well, at least it wasn't a permadeath mud because the death cries were about to fly.
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